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Ayam Nirwana Smoor Sup Merah Gurame Pringgodani Sop Buntut Gurame Pesmol
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Level1 2016-04-05
Today (3 April 2016) I ate at Wakoel Rempah, MERR, Ir. Soerkarno, Surabaya. I ordered 2 porsion of nasi kuning and 1 porsion tahu telur, guava juice, es Manado, and es cao.12:40 order entry.About 10 minutes later the drinks served.About 13:00 there was another customer came in and order.The position of the food we ordered, have not come out and servered. Nothing food come. Only drinks.I've had several times asked, the answer is still in process.13:20 the customer that came after me were served first. Their food already served.As I know, they didn't do a pre order by phone, maybe. Because when they wanted to sit at resevered table, the waiter ask them to move. And they also order with the normal procedure like I dod before.The waiter also, once inform that there was a menu that not available.I wonder how the order of service, all the waiters could not answer. Only say sorry.I just need an explanation actually.Eventually I cancel an order and pay for drinks only.Thanks to Wakoel Rempah for the OUTSTANDING service.Just a word of apology that comes out of some of the waiters there. But no one could explain why the customer after me served first and all of their order already completely serve.And I still have to wait with the words without explanation. Why within 1 hour no food come.In fact, this is my second visit to wakoel rempah. On the first visit was fine, the service a little bit long, we also wait for some times. But what is already done, they served in advance and do not jump to the next customer.On that day, I am not the first person who must satisfied with the apology from the waiter there. Before, I cancelled my order after 1 hour waiting, there was a customer do on the same thing, she ask why the food not ready yet, angry and finally canceled the order.And other disappointments, too many menu not available.When I want to order gado gado, rujak cingur, es degan jeruk, durian juice were not available. Even though they write in the menu book. And again they only said Sorry it is not available.My mother-in-law said it should be removed if there is not available. What a fabulous restaurant (in opposite meaning). continue reading
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