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This is tonikilat . I am a employee
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tonikilat  Level 4
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Dear Pork...  Smile Sep 05, 2013   
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Categories : Steak & Grills | Kencan / Berpasangan | Kumpul Keluarga

Still remember the day that i put this AWESOME meat in my mouth!...

So, when i nagged to my man that i want to eat something delicious, he decided to bring me to this restaurant. To be honest, i've never been there before, so when i first saw this place, it made me wanna fly to Bali right way. The design and the interior is so Balinese, with a traditional umbrella and check board fabric pattern hanging there to welcome us.

Soon he ordered us the famous pork steak, at first i want to ordered 2 portions, but he said one is enough. The sweet thing is while we waiting, they gave us a welcome drink, a syrup with fruits and Bali flower on top. lol

So..... the steak came and it surprised me. The portion was enough for 2 people, maybe 3 if you're on diet (but if you're on diet no eat pork laaaaaaaaaaa...)
Once i put the first bite in my mouth, maybe its sound hyperbolic but i did fly to heaven.. soooo delicious, the meat was so moist, and the sauce was strong enough to make you forget about your problems (for a while)
Pork Steak

Pork Steak

I will comeback for my second round, but not once in a month shocked
The price is about IDR 99,000 and it really worth it
Good Job Nuri's
Recommended Dish(es):  pork belly steak
Date of Visit: Jun 30, 2013 

Spending per head: Approximately Rp99000(Dinner)

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