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Stacks Burger
This is Stacks Burger .
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This is jazzydee living in Manggarai. I am a Designer, work in Kedoya. I like to hang out in Thamrin, Kelapa Gading. Chinese, Jepang, Itali, Indonesian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant and Pizza & Pasta, Ramen.

Hi Eaters. It was a packed-up, full-scheduled Saturday for me since most of the food tasting invitations which were supposed to be held the previous Saturday had to be postponed to the next week due to the demo rally. I had to list amongst the invitations, which one goes after which one. Yes, this kind of situation feels rather difficult sometimes because I know there are quite a number ...
viona daisy
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Level 2
This is viona daisy .

fast food yang satu ini bisa kamu temukan di hampir semua mall.... siapa yang tidak tahu irisan daging sapi ini bisa menjadi makanan favorit di kalangan anak muda.. yoshinoyalikelikekisslove dan menunya pun mulai beragam dengan topping seperti hot chili, creamy, eeg mayo dan crispy spinach menariknya karena saya pecinta sambal tentu saja saya memilih red hot chili sebagai toppingnya. tak akan menyesal...
OpenRiceID Editor
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This is OpenRiceID Editor .
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