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This is djandjan . I am a journalist Indonesian, Chinese, Amerika are my favorite cuisines. I also love Kafe, Restaurant, Food Court and Siomay / Batagor, Bakmi/Kwetiau, Steak & Grills.
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This is stepwibi living in Tanjung Duren. I work in Cideng. I like to hang out in Tanjung Duren, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pondok Indah. Jepang, Itali, Barat are my favorite cuisines. I also love Kafe, Kedai Kopi & Teh, Roti & Kue and Steak & Grills, Burger, Dessert.

Pertama kali buka di Pantai Indah Kapuk di tahun 2012 yang lalu, sekarang Fat Bubble sudah memiliki 5 cabang dan baru saja membuka cabang ke-enam mereka di Cilandak Town Square (Citos). Berlokasikan di lantai dasar, outlet mereka kali ini juga memegang konsep yang sama dengan outlet lainnya, terlebih dari segi interior. Outlet kali ini memiliki kapasitas mungkin sekitar 40 – 5...
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This is ariellacahya . I am a Student Jepang, Itali, Barat are my favorite cuisines. I also love Kafe, Restaurant, Fast Food and Es Krim/Yogurt, Pizza & Pasta, Pancakes / Waffle / Crepes.

Thai Food Ok  
I've been attracted to this restaurant for a time, coz its colorful appearance is just irresistibly cute. Finally, I got to try eating here. In Surabaya, Thai to Me has 2 outlets at Tunjungan Plaza and Supermal Pakuwon Indah. The outlet at Supermal is a bit more crowded than TP.Original Tea - IDR10,000 The tea was tad too sweet for my liking Rating: 6/...
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Level 4
This is crabbites living in Tanjung Duren. I am a Professional, work in Daan Mogot. I like to hang out in Puri Indah, Tanjung Duren, Karawaci. Sunda, Chinese, Multinasional, Japanese Food are my favorite cuisines. I also love Street Foods, Roti & Kue, Kafe, Al fresco Resto and Siomay / Batagor, Es Krim/Yogurt, Ribs.

So there I was, furiously shopping at Central Park Mall, two weeks before Christmas, dodging tourists, children, strollers. I didn't plan on getting any food, but after a few hours of shopping, I was going to pass out if I don't eat something. I was browsing the stores, and saw Waroeng Kopikoe at Level 3. Indonesian food at Central Park Mall? Das cool. Anywho, enough co...
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Level 2
This is ninifebriani living in Gajah Mada. I am a employee, work in Kuningan. I like to hang out in Kemang, Kuningan, Senopati. Chinese, Perancis, Amerika are my favorite cuisines. I also love Hotel Restaurant, Roti & Kue, Kedai Kopi & Teh and Dessert, Sushi, Dim Sum, pizza.

Finally, Kakuni is ready to serve at Ippudo Indonesia, Pacific Place Jakarta. I joined their new menu tasting on 29th March 2015 with Openrice Indonesia Gathering and so sorry i'm late to review about this fantastic Kakuni. What i love the most about Ippudo is the tender and tasty pork. I like the interior design in here especially the white and red bowl on the wall. I was introdu...
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This is OpenRiceID .
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