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This is elvinafebriani living in Pluit. I am a food blogger, work in Pluit. Jawa, Chinese, Jepang, Indian are my favorite cuisines. I also love and Steak & Grills.
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Categories : Jepang | Restaurant | Sushi | Kencan / Berpasangan | Kumpul Keluarga

BAM! I finally have time to post another review! I have been so busy with my life that I just didn't have the time to sit, relax and write.. Now, let's get started

It was lunch time, I was hungry.. I have been waiting for the sushi fiesta with OpenRice at Taiyo Sushi..
Went out driving alone, it was scorching hot and I felt like a total sweat ball. Not attractive, I know.. A less than 7 minutes drive from my house to the nearest and most favorite sushi restaurant according to me :

TAIYO SUSHI.. Yes, not Taio Cruz, but Taiyo Sushi.. I have actually done a review before about this place. Right after they had finished their renovation, I asked my friends to come and join me for dinner. Twice that week we had our meal in here. We simply found it to be THAT GOOD.. They have a simple concept, really. Fusion Sushi with their signature cheese mayo sauce and that grilled scent of torched topping are the two things that I found most lovable at Taiyo.

I was having a sore throat, so I ordered hot ocha even though they have served us with fresh watermelon juice..

Clearer view of the Chawan Mushi (12rb). Topped with Japanese fish cake and mushrooms, a bit of spring onions. On the bottom, it was filled with chunks of tender chicken meat.. Warm comfort food indeed..

The making process in the open kitchen.. This is located in the middle of the sushi bar

Tempura Maki Floss (22K). Crunchy tempura with floss.. Simple yet it compliments each other..

Taiyo Special Roll (52K). I personally like this fusion sushi very much. You see how they torched the top and the sides of the sushi. When you put it in your mouth, you'll get the right hint of grilled smell. The cheese mayo is splendid. It literally felt like it just melted down. Plus the half cooked fresh salmon, oh, what more can I say?

Aburi Mozzarella Roll (56K). Another salmon sushi topped with floss. Again this is pure love.. The mayo, floss and cheese are definitely a perfect combination. If you like salty food, dip it into the soy sauce before putting it inside your mouth.. and taste that sweet joy of having something good dancing on your tongue..

Unagi Salmon Special (54K). I love they put the crunchy bits inside the sushi. The salmon, again, literally melted away in your mouth. I personally love this one, but I just wish they've put a stronger kick for the unagi. But other than that, I like it

Say hello to Kare Pasta (45K). Beef fettuccine with Japanese curry sauce. If you are a pasta lover, this might be the right dish for you. Talking about fusion, I think this dish is the most 'fusion-ized' dish you can get, Italian meet the Japanese.. It's a bit spicy for me, but again, I can't handle my spicy food..

I had such a great time with OpenRice and other food bloggers that came to Taiyo Sushi that day. I laughed a lot and I had forgotten the fact that I was actually a bit sick and sweaty. They said the best medicine is laughter, well, in this case, that line was very reliable. But I have to add good food in additional as they have indeed brightened up my day

Click here to check out my first review of Taiyo Sushi :

I personally stick up to my first review, I just LOVE this place. The fact that it's near my house, it's delicious and it's new keep me going back to this place again and again. My friends all agreed that this is the place to be when craving for fusion sushi. We were all completely full and belly-satisfied.. If you were in the area nearby, just go give it a try. Order a dish or two and just have a good time enjoying simple yummy fusion..

Jln. Pluit Putera Raya no 17
Jakarta Utara 14450
Phone : 021-6693675
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