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Tiffany Felicia
This is Tiffany Felicia living in Tangerang Kota. I am a Students, work in BSD City. I like to hang out in Pantai Indah Kapuk, BSD City, Tangerang Kota. Bali, Jepang, Korea, Italian are my favorite cuisines. I also love Street Foods, Roti & Kue, Kopitiam and Seafood, Dim Sum, Dessert, Taiwanese street food.
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Penne Arrabiata N'Duja Smile May 18, 2014   
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Categories : Itali | Restaurant | Pizza & Pasta | Halal | Kencan / Berpasangan | Kumpul Keluarga

Good Afternoon! This will be a short introduction, I'm a newbie here, my name is Tiffany Felicia and I will review about something I've just eaten last night.
Last Saturday night, while waiting for my brother, I was going to Lippo Karawaci and find my self a little bit craving for pasta. At first, I was thinking to save my crave till upcoming Tuesday, and planning to have a plate of pasta at Pepenero.
But, I suddenly remember there is one of Italian Restaurant in Lippo Karawaci, not Pepenero, but I'm sure it would not disappoint me, since I always find that restaurant got full every weekend. So, I decided to try something there.
After scanning all over the menus, I couldn't find something made by veggies. Then, I search something made by tomato sauce such the one I had at Union. So, I order this Penne Arrabiata N'Duja.
dailymealjournal tiffany felicia

dailymealjournal tiffany felicia

That's how it looks. The white one on the top is not an ice cream -.- it's ricotta cheese, it's creamy and as you stir and mixed all the pasta, it will melt and mixed with the sauce.
I found the Penne was well-cooked, not too soft nor tough. It's called al-dente. The sauce is sour because of the tomato puree, sweet as well, and a little bit spicy. But, for me the spiciness didn't that spicy, so I sprinkled a little dried chili powder and black pepper. I found this tastier after that.
The ricotta didn't have an important role on the plate by the way, it's just giving a 'more-savory' and delicate texture. I had tasted the ricotta it self before mixed it, it's tasteless! totally tasteless. So, you don't have to worry if the cheese might ruin your appetite, it's odorless, not that kind of Italian Cheese you have been imagine so far.
You might wonder, 'am I going to eat only those Penne?'. No, of course not, there are generous sliced beef sausage hiding under the Penne. The sausage is a smoked one and it will complete all the combination of flavor!
Not to exaggerate, I really recommend this and Pizza Marzano restaurant if you are looking for an authentic Italian cuisine. Perfectooo!
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Recommended Dish(es):  Penne Arrabiata N'Duja
Table Wait Time: 10 minute(s)

Date of Visit: May 17, 2014 

Dining Offers: Credit Card Offers

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