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This is cole_lense living in Cengkareng. I am a Purchaser, work in Menteng. I like to hang out in Sudirman, Slipi, Kelapa Gading. Jepang, Amerika, Again, all kind of cuisine! are my favorite cuisines. I also love Kafe, Theme Restaurant with unique interior! and Steak & Grills, Pizza & Pasta, Sushi, All Food! :D.
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Great Day at Bollero, Ubud! :) Smile Aug 15, 2012   
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Categories : Lounge/Bar | Kencan / Berpasangan | Hang Out

Just not too long ago (well, it's been months) I went to Bali with my friends. It's on the 14th of June, and it's actually a prize from OpenRice! Thanks for that! smile So I just have to review some of the restaurants I went to now. One of them is Bollero.
I went to a couple of places, including Ubud since it's damn famous. Because we had not had our lunch, when we arrived, we just had to find a dining place. I searched on Google, and later found a couple of good restaurants. Since I used my GPS for navigation, I didn't find any trouble at all finding the location. Because Bollero was the nearest time at the time, we decided to go there by foot. After a 20 minutes walk, we arrived with hungry stomach.
The place looked nice, with a couple of Bules dining inside. It's not crowded, since it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We went inside and took the seats on the semi-second floor. It's nicer there.
The interior Bollero adopted is pretty casual with purple as the dominant colour. For the furnitures, they used a lot of wooden material, as to emphasize the traditional touch. Afterall, people always like Bali because of the traditional culture right? We found a set of sofas to sit on, at the second floor.


We were being served by a waiter, who was pretty friendly with us. All Balinese were friendly though, I think. That's partly the reason tourists like Bali too. We saw the menu book, and finally decided to have a set menu, Set Menu 1 with Soup, Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert. Since there were four of us, we ordered two sets. I had an Iced Tea for Drink. Anyway, our set menu cost us IDR 99 k.

In Bali, usually restaurants always provide the customers choices of Set Menu. It's some sort of a Value Meal there.

Other than that, you can also find a lot of food here. Starters such as Egg Custard (29k) and Duck Spring Roll (24k), Soup such as Tom Yam Goong (32k), Alternative such as Bollero Pizza with tomato sauce, bell pepper, and cheese (48k) and Shrimp Quesadilla or something like Baked Tortilla (45k), and Main Course such as Sesame Coriander Tuna Steak (52k) and Beef Tenderloin (80k). They even have Vegetarian menu, such as Green Vegetable Curry (35k).
For those who like local cuisine, there are Chicken Coconut Lemongrass (45k) and Crispy Duck (72k).
If you want to enjoy some desserts, you can have Coconut Creme Bruelle (29k) or even Fruit Yogurt Honey (24k). Cocktail is available too.
I personally think the prices are pretty reasonable, since I knew a lot of restaurants in Bali with crazy prices.

~ Chicken Dumpling ~
Since for now, I have a limited photos, I couldn't upload a photo of this dish. But to tell you the truth, the Chicken Dumpling was pretty good. The taste of the soup was very light with a hint of saltiness. The Chicken Dumpling itself was full of chicken, and it tasted very delicious. It's a good start!

~ Calamari Fritti, Samosa, Duck Spring Roll ~

This is some sort of a platter, with three different appetizers and three different sauces. From the calamari fritti first, it's a regular crispy calamari with crunchy texture. You can dip it with tar tar cream for better taste. For Samosa, it's actually a triangle-like pastry. It's very crispy, with filling. But it tasted bad actually. I personally didn't like the taste. It's a bit weird. As for the dipping, it didn't suit my appetite too. Duck Spring Roll was just a common spring roll with duck filling. It's pretty okay, but I found it pretty mediocre.

~ Crispy Duck ~
The Crispy Duck here was served with Half Steamed Rice and Half Yellow Rice. There are also some sort of Urap, sambal and Shallots as companion. This is actually a Balinese dish, and it's very famous here. That was the first time I tried it. The crispy chicken was actually very crispy. Seasoned nicely, the duck tasted very good, with a bit of saltiness, and savoury. The outer layer, was very crunchy as you take a bite, you will feel the crunchiness crumbles inside your mouth. With a perfectly cooked rice, the whole dish was perfect, and by that time, I had no doubt at all that this actually was a Balinese signature dish. The Urap was very good too! Well, simply, everything on the plate was very good.

~ Kolak Pisang ~
Okay, this is a very good closing. It sounded very simple, just Kolak Pisang, a very traditional dessert. But with a very appetizing appearance, this dish looked stunning. It's no ordinary Kolak Pisang. It's a very well-made Kolak Pisang, with Waffle and Vanilla Ice Cream on top. it's actually a very good idea to put a scoop of Ice Cream on top, to make a new sensation, of enjoying Kolak Pisang in a cool manner. I just love it!

Well, for the drink, it's pretty common, and I have nothing to explain.

There's a free wifi facility here and electrical sockets too, in case you're running out of battery.
For me, this place is certainly a very good restaurant, and I am grateful I spent my day here in Bali. The place is very simple, but nice. And most importantly, the food is delicious. I was actually very curious with the Western menu, but maybe I'll try later, if I have a chance to go to Bali again.
For OpenRicers, you just have to check it out yourself here. It's really a good restaurant, as a lot of people suggest. lol Probably one of the best in Ubud.

So, just thank you for reading a part of my journey in Bali. It's really nice there, and still I am grateful for the chance OpenRice has given me. smile

See ya OpenRicers.

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