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This is ichakhairisa living in Cilincing. I am a Editor, work in Kuningan. I like to hang out in Sudirman, Kelapa Gading, Kuningan. Betawi, Jawa, International food are my favorite cuisines. I also love Chocolate / Candy Shop, Kedai Kopi & Teh and Es Krim/Yogurt, Dessert, Soto/Rawon, Dim Sum, Salad.
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They call it 'Kopi Joss Smile Jan 11, 2013   
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Categories : Street Foods

I just can't imagine when my friend asked me to try coffee served with charcoal. It's sounds weird of course! However, it happened on our last nite visiting Jogjakarta several months ago. It was a super crowd Saturday nite traced Malioboro street until we arrived at the back side of Tugu Station, Jogja. Surprisingly, in an area called 'Tugu' there is a life where all ages people of Jogja enjoyed the nite here. It is actually a small road filled by many food stalls called 'Angkringan'. Angkringan is a very well-known traditional food stall in Jogja. Here the seller sells a cheap hawker food such as 'gorengan', 'nasi kucing' and 'satai' which become a trademark of Jogja and now spread to Jakarta.

So, here I am, laughed in the one side of the street, across Angkringan Bu Suprapti, chit chat while waiting for the authentic 'Kopi Joss'. If you wonder why it is named 'Joss', the old story said that it came from a 'Joss' sound when the charcoal put into the hot coffee, the hot ember which fused with the water directly resulted on a sound "Jossss"...

Anyway, are you wonder what kind of charcoal they used for? Be calm. It is not charcoals to grill the meat or satai came from the combustion of 'Asem' trees which is believed to relieve colds and sore. The taste of the coffee was so so for me. I thought it's just a coffee sachet but fused by the charcoal. But it is unique when the charcoal fused with the water, the coffee wasn't go black. The taste became a lil bit bitter, but still okay

Besides, there are also unique drink, namely 'Air Tapai'. Indeed it comes from 'tapai or tape', one of Indonesia traditional foods. The taste of course sour but it is refreshing! The price of course very cheap! The number one reason I'm willing to spend my money searching Jogja's culinary heritage is the price. You can get the Kopi Joss only with IDR8.000! Other snacks like 'gorengan' only IDR2.000-3.000...aah it's soooo heaveenn!

Overall, I enjoyed to have Saturday nite here. I love the peaceful Jogja with its rich culinary heritage. Well, gotta write you other cheap foods which you can find in Jogja. Ever visited Jogja, share your culinary journey here and recommend me your favorite food to try, eaters!
Recommended Dish(es):  kopi joss
Date of Visit: Jun 15, 2012 

Spending per head: Approximately Rp5000(Night Snack)

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