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As ubiquitous as Starbucks are, I still enjoy more of the non-chain, one of a kind, coffee place. My friend suggested this cozy coffee shop at Jalan Gandaria I, right in front of Ikan Bakar Makassar restaurant.In this two-stories building, One Fifteenth coffee occupy the second floor, while the first floor was the home for a pottery-making class. You could see what they've been making on the display and it was good.Climb up the stair and you'll see a place bustling with customers. Like any other coffee places that open up all across Jakarta in the last 4 years, they also adapted industrial theme throughout the store; neutral colour, raw, unfinished wooden table, etc.Go to the counter and order there right away or take the menu to your seat if you still want to browse the menu. On the front page of the menu, we’ll know that this is a family business; the coffee is roasted on their parent’s home, eggs that come from cousin’s farm and auntie’s Palembang dish. Their menu varied from espresso based coffee, coffee with manual brewing, non-coffee, toast, Palembang food and an all-day-brunch.When you're done with your order, grab a seat (or share a table if you must) and enjoy your surroundings. Read magazines, book, chit chat or just concentrate on your laptop is what most people do here. But don't forget to be considerate to if you see long queue of people.What we have today were the cold drip + milk and manual brew coffee. We know we're in good hands, based on their name. One fifteenth is a perfect ratio of water and coffee to create a perfect cup of coffee.The Cold Drip consisted of a shot of espresso, cup of milk and cup of ice. I do like the fact that I could adjust the milk myself that suits my liking (which is a lot!). It's important to know that even though cold drip coffee is different than iced coffee. While iced coffee is made from ice cubes on a glass of hot coffee, cold drip is more complicated than that. Cold drip is made by slowly dripping cold water on a lightly roasted ground coffee through a filter resulting in a more subtle coffee taste.We also tried the espresso brewed by the Kalita Wave. The Kalita Wave is coffee brewing equipment that use the hand-drip pour over technique to extract the flavour from the coffee. I always think that brewing a coffee this way gives a stronger, a bit bitter flavour.One Fifteenth has been a great addition to Jakarta coffee scene and is definitely in my go-to list. Now, I will stop typing for my sake and enjoy this one fine afternoon. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Lokasi coffee shop ini agak sulit dicari meskipun terletak di pinggir jalan. Saya sarankan untuk ke sini saat bukan peak hours, karena pasti kesulitan untuk dapat parkir.Seperti kebanyakan coffee shop lainnya, kita harus order langsung di meja kasir. Pilihan kopinya banyak, namun saat itu saya pesan green tea latte dan ice chocolate. Green tea lattenya enak, dan manisnya pas.Saya juga order kaya toast. Bentuknya seperti kue bolu namun kering, disajikan dengan selai srikaya yang enak. Cocok untuk teman ngopi atau ngeteh. Sayang harganya menurut saya overpriced.Pelayanan di sini termasuk cepat dan ramah. Ambiencenya sangat homey dan juga menyediakan wifi. Sehingga enak banget kalau untuk kerja atau sekedar ngerjain tugas kuliah sambil ngopi di sini. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Hello Food Lovers! To be honest, I went here because I know that Chef Arnold (the Jury Masterchef Indonesia) and William Gozali (Masterchef Indonesia) went here a lot in the past. That’s why I visit this place, hoping to meet both of them plus I can’t wait to taste the coffee here! I was really happy and ready to meet them if they were there. Unfortunately, no, I’m not meeting them ( We order our coffee on the cashier, but the cashier is not really concentrate on what we’re saying. He often ask “Ya?” every time we ask about what is the fav menu here, what is this menu, and so on (Sorry, sometimes I do ask lots of question (Read:galau), hahaha) But the cashier is mastering the menu though, he answer every question clearly! Coffee & dessert Finally I order the flat white coffee and one Banana (it’s pancake + caramelised banana + vanilla ice cream). We wait for about 20 minutes to get our order, which is for me, consider quiet long because there are not so many crowd there. I don’t know.. is it the latte art making that makes the service become slow? Flat White Coffee – IDR 35,000 The flat white taste good, because the coffee is not too strong. I think it’s worth the taste. You’ll also get a coffee art too!Banana Pancake – IDR 45,000 About the dessert, the pancake is so soft, and as a dessert lover, I definitely like the pancake. Maybe the banana should be sweeter just a bit, and it will be perfect! Concept The outer look of this place need to be upgraded, if I may say. Looks like an ordinary, even not a so great coffee shop if we just look from the outside. I love the inside though! Feels so comfy, bright, and friendly. Ambiance There are a lot of people start to come at this place when I was there. But the ambiance is still okay. Even though the sun shines brightly right above us, but we don’t feel hot at all. Cool place to hang out with friends. I’d love to go back to this place if I can meet Chef Arnold and William Gozali, hahaha! Stay awake for another food journey! --Megan Faustine Instagram & Twitter : @meganfaustine Blog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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Who doesn’t know One Fifteenth Coffee? I guessed it was one of the pioneering coffee shop in Jakarta as it existed quite long before the boom of coffee shops in our beloved capital city. Some of you might also know that Chef William, one of the winners of Master Chef Indonesia, was one of the baristas here. Located at Gandaria area, One Fifteenth was pretty easy to be found. For a coffee shop, it could be said as quite spacious. Bringing out the minimalist concept, the design of this coffee shop was actually simple yet lovely. For me, it was indeed a very convenient place to spend your time either chilling or working. Looking at the high occupancy rate, I believed most people did agree with me.Not only was the venue, the service was surely pampering as well. The baristas were very friendly, nimble, and skillful. They did not take much time to serve your order and they did serve it beautifully.Eggs BenedictPresentation wise, the eggs benedict were simply flawless! Everything looked so simple yet sophisticated at the same time. I was so happy finding the doneness level of these eggs benedict were just right. As I cut the egg, the egg yolk immediately burst out. The texture of the egg itself was so moist. Enjoying it with the savory smoked beef, toast, and hollandaise sauce; you would definitely get a highly effective spirit booster for your whole day.Churros (IDR 40k)Trying the savory dish only was certainly not enough. The sweet one had to come next to deliver the complete experience. I picked Churros as the complement to my prior savory dish. Served with thick dark chocolate sauce, the sweetness level was balanced and the crispy churros tasted quite good though I did think it was over-priced.Caffe Latte (IDR 35k)Don’t say you’ve been to One Fifteenth if you’ve never tried their coffee-based beverage. Having the selected coffee beans as the main ingredients, you definitely should not put any single doubt on the taste. The aroma was extremely appealing, the coffee flavor was strong enough, the acidity level was right, and the latte-art was impeccably presented.Briefly said, I extremely enjoy my brunch time at One Fifteenth Coffee. Not only being satisfied with the place and the service, I was also pampered by the taste of the dishes and the coffee. I would surely go back again some time Find me on: http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby Lanjutkan Membaca
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Terinspirasi pada metode paling sederhana dalam menyeduh kopi, 1/15 Coffee (baca: One Fifteenth Coffee), memiliki Latte yang bagi saya, juara. Ketika diseruput tercium aroma segar. Kombinasi sempurna antara espresso dan steam milk menghasilkan rasa manis yang original. Saking terpesonanya, tanpa sadar sisa foam melekat indah di bibir saya.Untuk manual brew, saya memilih metode Clever Dripper atau penyeduhan kopi dengan menggunakan kertas saring. Proses pour over dan french press ini mampu menghasilkan kopi yang seimbang. Selain itu, kopi yang dihasilkan akan lebih bersih karena tersedianya filter yang berfungsi sebagai penyaring ampas.Di sisi interior sendiri, pemilihan material batu alam mengisyarakan ada tempat yang homey. Ketersediaan furnitur seperti kursi kayu dan meja dibuat seirama dengan warna dasar yang ditampilkan. Harmonisasi lainnya tampak nyata pada sebuah meja panjang yang dikelilingi oleh deretan kursi kayu dimana spot ini banyak dimanfaatkan untuk berdiskusi dan berbagi ide. Lanjutkan Membaca
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