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Level3 2014-08-11
459 Lihat
Dim Sum is a kind of Chinese Food that is very popular nowadays in Indonesia, many people love to eat Dim Sum because of its uniqueness and deliciousness. You can easily find Chinese restaurant that served Dim Sum in Jakarta. 48 DimSum Place is one of the Chinese halal restaurant that specialized in serving Dim Sum and Chinese Food, they claimed not to use any pork or lard on their food. The restaurant is located in Menteng area and can be easily found thanks to its huge signage and red-colored decoration.The restaurant itself is quite big and spacey and I reckon they can accommodate up to 150 people. They have 3 kinds of dining area which are smoking area, non-smoking area and VIP room. They have 3 VIP room that can be used for private dining, each VIP room can accommodate up to 15 people. The decoration is mostly filled with wood material and Chinese-style decoration. You can also find a lot of steamer baskets decoration on the ceiling. (unique!)Let's get started with their food!Baby Duck (IDR 148k)Baby Duck is one of the specialty menus that is served by 48 DimSum Place, it is a roasted baby duck that has been stuffed with secret spices and (gosh!) it was heavenly delicious! The baby duck was perfectly roasted, the skin was crispy and the meat was soft, tender, and flavorful. The secret spices was really amazing and it did a great job in elevating the taste of whole dish. Baby Duck is definitely a must-try dish if you come to 48 DimSum Place!Tumis Otak-Otak dan Ikan Asin Kailan (IDR 78k)This dish is literally Stir-Fried Kai-lan with Fishcakes and Anchovies. I also noticed some slices of ginger and bell pepper on the dish. The Kai-lan was fresh and the fishcakes was generously given and tasted pretty delicious. Overall, this menu tasted pretty decent although the ginger was overpowering the whole dish in my opinion.Overall, I enjoyed my visit to 48 DimSum Place, the service was friendly and quick, the waiters will quickly refill your drink and replace your plate with a new one if it was already dirty enough. The price was also reasonable and affordable considering it is located in Menteng area. They also provide some unique and delicious dishes such as the heavenly delicious Baby Duck and Bakpao Cha Siew Ayam. I wouldn't mind to come back to this restaurant with my family to have a delicious Chinese cuisine. Oh, I also have been told they are planning to open another branch in Jakarta sometime soon!Last but not least, thank you for having me 48 DimSum Place! Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level1 2014-07-15
384 Lihat
Pertama kali masuk resto ini, yang ada di kepala cuma "wah bakal mahal" trus nyobain menu utama nya, Dimsum. Awalnya cm pesen 3 krakat, eh ternyata enak banget! trus nambah lagi, nambah mulu sampe kekenyangan. Trus pas minta bill, ternyata ga mahal loh! recommended pokoknya, ga nyesel makan di sini. Resto ini ga cuma nyediain dimsum, ada menu lain juga kayak chinese food gitu. Halal kok. Cobain kesini deh teman-teman Lanjutkan Membaca
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