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Level4 2016-03-11
79 Lihat
hai..semua sahabat openricers..kali ini aku mau bahas lagi nih desser" lainnya yang berada di jakarta..yapp.. kali ini bernama black ballberda pertama kali di kawasan pantai indah kapuk dan membuka outlet lainnya di central park..sama seperti pada dessert" lainnya disinu pun juga menawarkan banyak pilihan sehingga orang" dapat memesan sesuai selera mereka masing" Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level3 2016-02-29
29 Lihat
Ini dia Blackball! Dari awal, saya lumayan suka sih sama menu dessert di sini, ketimbang yang satu lagi, karena ini enggak terlalu kemanisan buat saya. Untuk outletnya, sekarang sih udah banyak banget cabangnya dimana-mana. Saya kebetulan lagi mencoba yang cabang di Central Park, ini adalah cabang pertama. Suasananya lumayan asyik, apalagi sekarang sudah ada rerumputan buatan yang nice buat alas duduknya. Pesanan saya waktu itu adalah yang Watermelon ice dengan taro dan nata de coco. Mereka ada banyak jenis tapi saya selalu doyan yang based nya adalah watermelon ice, karena itu es serut yang dinginnya tetep krenyes krenyes dengan taro empuk yang lumayan ngenyangin sih. Untuk harganya juga berkisar dari 25ribuan saja. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level3 2015-02-16
76 Lihat
bingung mau dessert kemana? tenang disini punya banyak aneka menu dessert dengan berbagai macam pilihan. lengkap dengan topping pilihan. blackball adalah salah satu taiwanese dessert yang juga mempunyai rasa yang cukup kuat dan disukai oleh banyak orang. karena blackball central park tidak mempunyai area yang lebih luas terkadang harus sabar antri untuk mendapatkan tempat duduk. untuk itu kita bisa memesan terlebih dahulu sambil menunggu tempat duduk. lalu saya memilih menu snow ice vanilla + pearl, mochi rasanya cukup menarik dan tidak terlalu manis jadi cocok buat kalian penikmat dessert bisa langsung coba pilihan dessert blackball Lanjutkan Membaca
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Who doesn’t know Blackball? It’s been well-known as one of the pioneers for Taiwanese desserts in Indonesia. Yes, I know that there are a lot (REALLY A LOT) of Taiwanese dessert sellers now available in Jakarta. The funny thing is, some of them are even located next to each other. Having tried some of them, Blackball remains to be the most favorite one for my family and I (this is truly my honest opinion even before I was invited to this event).Knowing that I’m a fan of Blackball, it’s a definite pleasure for me to attend the launching of Blackball New Menu. Expanding the varieties of dishes served, Blackball is now ready to satisfy your taste bud not only with the sweet selections, but also the savory ones. At the launching night, the guests were pampered with both the new menu as well as the existing signature dishes. One more great news, now the large-sized menus are available in regular size!Let us begin from the QQ Cake, Blackball’s waffle that’s available in various flavors and served with various choices of toppings. Providing many selections, I guessed different preferences could all be served. However, the most important one was surely the waffle as the base. For this, there’s no single doubt should be put on the taste. I’ve tried to eat the waffle without any toppings and I extremely enjoyed it. Even when it was firstly served in front of me, I couldn’t wait for any longer to taste it as it smelled so so good. Once it entered my mouth, my mind was blown away with the moist texture and balanced sweet taste.Qvomaltine (IDR 50k)Answering people’s demand for the hippest spread in town, Ovomaltine, Blackball served Qvomaltine, which was basically their original waffle topped with chocolate sauce, sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream, and surely the irresistible Ovomaltine as the star of the dish. Not only Ovomaltine lover, any chocolate lover would certainly love this one!Very Berry (IDR 35k)On the other hand, if you were the ones who preferred to have sour touch in your desserts, you might go for Very Berry, which was Blackball’s original waffle served with mix berries sauce, sliced strawberries, and vanilla ice cream. The refreshing taste from the berries perfectly complemented the sweet taste from the vanilla ice cream and the waffle itself.Mini Cranberry with Mix Berry SauceThe anti -mainstream was the cranberry waffle, which at that time was served with mix berry sauce. At first, I thought that this looked so unique. However, once I tasted it, I could barely find its difference to the original one. Besides waffles, I did try two menus from their selections of beverages; which ranged from smoothies, yoghurt-mixed, until fresh milk.Jasmine Green Tea Yogo (Reg IDR 20k / Large IDR 25k)With Grass Jelly (+IDR 5k)From the Yogo Series, which used Yakult as the mixture, I had Jasmine Green Tea Yogo with grass jelly (topping’s based on your choice). This was indeed a suitable choice for anyone who loved fresh type of beverages. Matcha Fresh Milk (Reg IDR 25k / Large IDR 30k)With Grass Jelly (+IDR 5k)For milk lovers, you needn’t worry as Blackball did fulfill your need through their milky variant. Their Matcha Fresh Milk was highly recommended especially if you’re a green tea fan. As the topping, I guessed the perfect companion for this drink would be grass jelly. Together, they created a perfect combination, which I really adored. Just one input, I thought adding the sweetness level a little bit would make it far better.Waffle checked, beverages checked, then next was the undeniable snow ice series which are enjoyed in bowls. Two categories provided were fruit-based and non-fruit-based ones. I tried two menus from the fruit-based toppings category, both of which were beautifully served with vanilla ice cream. Milk Snow Ice with Honeydew and Water Melon + Honey + Vanilla Ice Cream (IDR 33k)Milk Snow Ice + Strawberry + Kiwi + Mango + QQ Gems + Vanilla Ice Cream (IDR 40k)The people who preferred sweet taste should go for the first, while the people who preferred the combination of sweet and sour taste would be better satisfied with the second.For non-fruit-based category, I also tried two of the signatures menu. Matcha Snow Ice + Red Bean + QQ Gems + Boba + Ice Cream (IDR 38k) Black Sesame Snow Ice + Red Bean + Mini Ball + Caramel Pudding (IDR 33k)Personally, this group was my most favorite from all Blackball menus. Before this tasting night, every time I went to Blackball, I always ordered Blackball Signature, whose mixture was quite similar to the combination of these two, but missing the grass jelly and excluding the caramel pudding. I loved every single ingredient belonged to this group and in my opinion, together they created an amazing combination. For the caramel pudding, this was my first time trying it and surprisingly it became my new favorite topping, which I would surely order at my next visit. Finally, we arrive at the part you’ve been mostly waiting for, the brand new savory dishes! Basically, they are appetizers and some of them are finger foods. Perfect companion for your sweets, aren’t they? Apologize in advance, but the prices are not available yet.Taiwan Cold NoodleDifferent with Japanese cold noodle, this one was basically quite similar to Indonesian version of fried noodle for me, except that it’s served cold. As the mixture, you would have shredded chicken and sliced cucumber and carrot. Unfortunately, this one didn’t suit my taste bud as I felt it’s quite tasteless.Tea EggSome people might have been familiar with these boiled eggs, which were served with tea-based broth. Mixed with spices, you might find the taste as distinctive and could rarely be found. For me, this dish reminded me of my mom’s homemade traditional Chinese dishes.Qffle with Beef Floss and MayoAnother unique menu was this Qffle, which brought out the combination of sweet waffle taste and savory beef floss taste. Looked pretty simple, but definitely not bad to pamper your taste bud. And for you who love a little bit spicy touch, you might go for the spicy beef floss.Sticky Rice Charkwe with Beef FlossThis dish was quite similar to sushi rolls, except that it used sticky rice instead of the plain one. Combined with the toppings of Charkwe and Beef Floss, the sweet taste delivered was a simple indulgence for me. One fun fact, some people said it tasted like lemper due to the rice.Grilled Shredded Squid with Mayo DipThis last one was surely a must-try! FYI, it’s the rising star at that night as it turned to be the most favorite for all the foodbloggers. If you happened to know Juhi, this was the Blackball’s version of it. The savory taste was surely an addiction!All in all, Blackball has once again proven that it indeed never fails to satisfy my craving toward Taiwanese desserts, and now Taiwanese dishes as well. Coming with more innovative menus, I guess Blackball has successfully made me become its more loyal customer!So, where can you enjoy this? Still at the same existing outlets of Blackball, which are of course accessible as they even have 22 outlets spread around various cities in Indonesia. Since most of them do not provide many seats, you might have to expect queuing for a little while. Or else, you also had the choice to take your order home. Regarding waiting time, you don’t need to worry as the service is quite fast. If you’re confused about which one to order, just tell the waiter/waitress about your preference and they’ll usually suggest you the menu that best suits you. Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby Lanjutkan Membaca
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1st, i'd like to say thank you to BlackBall Indonesia to invite me in their event.It was fun and very mouth watering, because i got a chance to eat a lot of new desserts!BlackBall celebrated the lauching of their newest menu at Patio (Tribecca Park) in West Jakarta. I attended this event with some of the members of my group (GWStarving). BlackBall served us these delicious siew may for appetizers. Im not a big fan of chinese food, but these were delicious! The prawn was perfectly cooked as well.These are Taiwan Cold Noodle, Panda Cupcakes, Qffle with Beef Floss and Nayo (mayonnaise) and bubble tea I have to admit that their taiwan cold noodle was delicious and i'd love to come back and try it again! So addicted!!Another menu that i absolutely love is their Panda Snow Ice, I love all of the combination between redbean, mochi, bubble, and oreo! I think it's very unique but still one of my faves.I was soooooo happy to meet the other famous food bloggers like MyFunFoodDiary, Alba from WeTheFoodies, and also Lucky and Alex! It was nice to know all of them. They're so nice and very humble! Thanks to my group (GWStarving) as well. Lanjutkan Membaca
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