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Ulasan (7)
Level2 2016-08-23
116 Lihat
Tempat ny very comfortable dan homey dengan wooden interior. Coffee ny juga enak banget apalagi dibarengin dengan waffle! 👌🏻 Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2016-03-22
146 Lihat
waktu itu kesini pas hari minggu siang, dan lumayan rame. lokasi nya di senopati yang lingkungan nya tempat nongkrong semua yang buat bingung mau nongkrong dimana dan akhir nya kesini. makanan nya waktu itu order pasta semacam carbonara, porsi nya lumayan banyak dari ukuran pasta biasa entah itu perasaan doang apa emang masih rada kenyang. buat minum nya harus nyobain kopi nya karna emang ini tempat ngopi dan ternyata emang enak banget kopi nya. tempat nya juga bagus buat nongkrong siang siang atau sore. soal harga sedikit mahal buat makanan nya, buat kopi nya standar standar aja. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2015-08-21
93 Lihat
Daerah senopati sekarang emang udah jadi tempat nongkrongnya anak hits Jakarta termasuk gw haha... Disini kita bisa nemuin banyak banget tempat makan atau café-café yang asik dan ok punya. Mulai dari coffee shop sampe fine dining disini ada semua, tinggal pilih aja deh tuh mau kemana karna semua lengkap tersedia. Nah, pas waktu gw lewat di daerah Senopati ini kebetulan lagi jam nya pulang kantor dan you know what lah kalo jam-jam segitu apa yang terjadi haha macet dimana-mana, dan gw males kan harus macet-macetan jadi gw memutuskan untuk nongkrong sekaligus nunggu macetnya reda. Pas liat-liat café yang ada di sekitar Senopati, gw nemuin satu coffee shop yang dari luar terlihat cozy, dan kebetulan waktu itu parkirannya lagi ada space jadi yaudalah langsung gw melipir ke coffee shop ini yang namanya Crematology Coffee Roaster.Pas masuk kedalam, bener aja tempatnya ok punya, cozy dan hangat gitu ambiancenya, ada sofa besar di bagian tengah ruangan dan ada juga kursi kayu panjang gitu disisi kanan dan ada kursi plus meja-meja kecil di sisi kiri, pokonya rapih dan enak deh tempatnya. Nah, karna ini pertama kalinya gw kesini, jadi agak bingung gw harus pesen apa, Cuma karena memang gw ga gitu bisa minum kopi yang strong jadi gw pesen Latte deh. Jujur aja kalo buat gw semua rasa kopi tuh sama haha yang bedain Cuma pahit manisnya aja, jadi gw ga bisa banyak kasih penilaian soal kopi disini Cuma yang jelas memang aromanya kopi banget dan teksturnya smooth jadi enak. Selain kopi, gw juga pesen waffle disini, gw kira wafflenya pasti akan biasa dan sama kayak waffle-waffle yang lain tapi ternyataa disini wafflenya enak banget dong! Gw sampe pesan 2 waffle dalam waktu bersamaan hahaha.. Untuk harga sih standartnya coffee shop lah kisaran 30-40k untuk kopinya, dan untuk makanan mulai dari 48rb-80rban. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Heyhooo! I’ve been super addicted to coffee lately and yeah, here I was, giving a try on another coffee shop. Actually I had wanted to visit Crematology since several months ago, however there were always things (which I forgot what they were as well) making me cancel the plan. I firstly noticed this coffee shop when I had my dinner at Commune, which used to be located right above Crematology (just an additional info, Commune has moved to Lot 8 at SCBD). Since that time, I had been very curious to visit Crematology and yeay, I finally made it! As you could see, compared to other common coffee shops, Crematology was actually far more spacious. The place could occupy quite many consumers. Moreover, I really loved the interior as for me, the designer had successfully made each corner looked different. The seat arrangement had been perfectly set as well, as you were given several choices starting from sofa, long squared table, small squared table, as well as round table. Talking about the service, the baristas were quite helpful in assisting me to choose what to order. Some best-selling dishes were recommended when I inquired about the finger foods. However, they indeed took quite long time to prepare for the dishes. One most important thing, I thought Crematology understood the consumers so well that they provided so many sockets that could be reached by almost all tables, and their wi-fi speed was highly satisfying. So if you are looking for a coffee shop where you can work while enjoying your coffee, seems like you have found your answer now. Cheese Bitterballen (IDR 32k)Coming as a light starter, this one was actually satisfying enough although I had to admit that it was quite overpriced. Basically, it was just a very simple dish as the filling of this bitterballen was merely cheese. However, as I was a cheese lover, for me this Dutch-originated snack could be called as a lovely entrée. Buttermilk Waffles with Homemade Mixed Berry Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream (IDR 64k)If I had to explain this waffle in just one word, I thought I would mention it as EXTRAORDINARY! I really really really love every single element of it. The buttermilk waffle smelled so good that I was really drooling while waiting for the baking process to be finished. Coming to the taste, the smell indeed did not lie as it was superb! The texture was so moist and the sweetness level was ideal. The fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries toppings as well as the additional big scope of vanilla ice cream had turnedthis waffle into a perfect combination served on a plate. Even now, when I was trying to make this review, I already missed it and just wanted to have more of it!Hot Hazelnut Latte (IDR 34k)The coffee itself tasted quite nice and that additional hazelnut syrup made it even better. If you noticed, there was something different with this latte if compared to the latte commonly served in other typical coffee shops. Yes, it used cup instead of glass. Unfortunately, the cup size was quite small. Actually, Crematology provided 2 choices for the size; regular and large. The price difference between these two was only IDR 5k. It’s my mistake that I forgot to ask them how big each size was, before making the order. As Ichose the regular one, by the time I finished it, I still felt that I wanted some more Hot Caramel Latte (IDR 34k)Not really different from the hazelnut one, this caramel latte also tasted great. The difference was basically only at the additional syrup mixed with the coffee. So, it’s just the matter of preference. Moreover, besides hazelnut and caramel, they also provided vanilla syrup. Besides coffee, Crematology also served various non-coffee beverages. So for you who don’t drink coffee, you needn’t worry as you still have so many great options. Moreover, they also have much more options for the foods, including heavy meals. I think surely there will be next visit and I hope I can realize it real soon! Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @Jessica_Gaby Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2014-08-21
359 Lihat
Hi Openricers.I've been hearing a lot about this place and actually I had some plans to come visit it. This particular coffee shop has already been quite a hit in the social media. Becoming a talk of the town. And certainly I've seen so many postings from my friends or fellow foodbloggers about it.Now, let me tell you my culinary diary at Crematology Coffee Roasters.Located in the new hype dining area of Senopati, you might missed this place since it doesn't have a clear signage. You might want to take a good look at the left side of the road.The interior was very nice. Absolutely comfortable. Inside the coffee shop was quite spacious. There is also a smoking area on the front of the shop. Wouldn't say that area to be comfortable though. In this time of the weather, it gets pretty hot outside, so better just to keep those cigarettes in your pocket and get inside the coffee shop.When I got here, the owner, Elliot Davernas, welcomed me very nicely. Apparently he was quite aware and pretty happy that there have been quite a number of foodbloggers who had visited this place. Well let's talk about the food and also the coffee I tried here.Turkey Sandwich.This dish wasn't on the menu. I guess this is made special for the foodtasting event or maybe a new menu which is not listed yet. Anyway, this sandwich tasted really good. It uses wheat bread (which obviously is a healthy choice) topped with vegetables, enoki mushrooms, melted cheese and absolutely the turkey. What's great about this dish was the perfectly cooked turkey. It's so juicy. The taste was good. This dish was accompanied by french fries and also garden salad. The french fries IMHO really rocked the entire dish. It's crunchy and delicious. The cheese sprinkled on it just made it perfect. I can't stop chewing on them.Alfredo Pasta - IDR 84K.Nicely cooked also. The cream was light so eating every bite was so fun. What I felt was a bit turndown was the spaghetti. It's a bit hard to lift them with my fork since the spaghetti seemed to be a little short. Other than that, this is a good dish, and tasty too.Aglio Olio Pasta - IDR 80K.Seasoned beautifully. Although I found quite a lot chunks of chopped chilli, but surprisingly it wasn't that spicy. A balanced level of spiciness, saltiness and savoriness. It was also served with what I think is chicken katsu. Actually the chicken was kind of dry for my palate. The taste was good, but since it's a bit dry well it became hard to chew.Half Waffles Mix Berries - IDR 64K.This waffles certainly made my day. It's do awesomely delicious!! No kidding. It's so soft but in the same time so mouth wateringly sweet. The ice cream and the mix berries compote are soooo out of this world. This dish really indulged my sweet tooth craving. Super recommended!!Fudge Brownies - IDR 24K.Yet again another sweet tooth blow for my palate. Actually I'm not a big fan of brownies since the brownies I've tasted so far was dry and roughly textured. But this Fudge Brownies had completely made me reconsider. It's really soft, had that nice sweetness combined with the bitterness from the chocolate in an excellent way. Seriously, maybe if I ever want to get brownies, it would be at Crematology.Espresso (Regular) - IDR 25K.I tried the Espresso which I think was good. The coffee was in a perfect thickness. And I actually asked for this espresso to be served with separated sugar (which I didn't get).Green Tea Frappe (Regular) - IDR 44K.The Green Tea Frappe was amazing. It tasted so good. The green tea was really dominant, and the sweetness was decent and not overpowering. And I love the creamy texture in every sip.Overall conclusion, a wonderful experience. I'm loving the foods, loving the ambience and super loving the service and hospitality shown to me that day.This is a great place to hang out, having chit chat with friends over a cup of coffee.Price tags are pretty high, but they lived up to the quality of the foods.So I really recommend Crematology Coffee Roasters as your alternative coffee shop destination. Do try their frappes. It's just so mind blowing.Keep on chewing!Jazzy DeeFor more of my culinary journey, visit: http://designerdoyanmakan.blogspot.comTwitter: @jzzydeeInstagram: @jzzydeeQuestions: http://ask.fm/jzzydee Lanjutkan Membaca
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