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Ulasan (2)
Level2 2014-06-28
84 Lihat
Selepas nonton transformer 4 di ex, kami memutuskan untuk dinner di C.Warm welcome lgsg menyambut kami di pintu masuk C. Suasana yg nyaman dan elegant namun cozy dan friendly lgsg terasa.Kami langsung disuguhi roti (lupa namanya) dg bumbu tomat. Walaupun hanya appetizer free, rotinya sangat legit dan enak, tidak berasa minyak sama sekali.Langsung saya santap dengan ditemani segelas ice lemon tea yang fresh.Untuk main course kami memesan:1) wagyu beef cheekDaging pipi sapi, sangat lembuuut dagingnya dan seolah2 lumer begitu di dalam mulut2) oxtail pastaOww man, oxtailnya sangat empuk dan yg paling berkesan adalah pasta ya sangat haluuus dan enaak benar2 bagaikan angel hair3) seafood on platterVariasi seafood yg sangat fresh seperti: oyster, shrimp, lobster Ditambah pelayanan yg sangat ramah dari para waiter and waitress membuat pengalaman makan di C selalu berkesan. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2013-09-28
108 Lihat
The number one hit list playing non-stop in my brain when it comes to Sunday is : (Damn, tomorrow is Monday and i have to figure it out what are good reasons to skip classes tomorrow?) Ha! kidding..Somehow....Although i didn't want skip any classes at the moment BUT that temptation came in my mail, one of them was from C's Steak (Grand Hyatt) to tried their Asian Wok promotion which already started from 16-29 September 2013. Just grab it while its hot. A bit worrisome as i came out last that afternoon because i missed out big times including their Amuse Bouche. Luckily, i managed catching up with the others and tried (a spoon or two spoons) every of the dishes. Our lunch date remind me of how a group of friends sharing one same passion having delicious lunch together in an upscale Chinese restaurant. C's also dedicating on providing more or bit less than 3000 wine collections with special kind of wine machine that lives those bottles of good way much longer. Without any further ado, here what Asian Wok was all about.Kway Teow Seafood black bean sauce IDR 115.000White and chewy textured kway teow with thick black bean sauce bombarded with generous seafood toppings and tofus. This one is delicious moreover they cooked the tofus into perfection where the tofus were smooth and tasted bold. All the components were just beautifully synch. Cauliflower with Shrimp, ginger and garlic IDR 100.000Healthy and delicious, the flavors were there soaked into the prawns and broccoli. I ate quite a lot of the broccoli simply because it's healthy. They cooked the shrimps beautifully, juicy and tender while that clear broth tasted nice and savory with quite strong gingerly scent. Proudly present : C's Lamb fried rice IDR 486.000I know what you are thinking right now!! And, here i am answered your wondering thoughts of why, why and WHY.. Why a mere lamb fried rice cost half a million including tax? Because, it really worth the tag.. To sum it upwhy #1 Because it tasted out of this world, means super delicious thats enough to really turned on that gluttonous button inside of me. Mean to be shared with 3 peoples, but no thanks.. I don't want to.why #2Generous amounts of lamb cooked into perfection ; tender, flavorful and orgasmic.WHY #3That feeling when you eat something so scrumptious enough to dare you to state, okay, this is the most delicious fried rice i ever had in my whole existence (so far..)Really, i hope they will reconsider on reducing the price though.. Organic spinach noodles with vegetables IDR 100.000Healthier version of your everyday fried noodles, made from the mixture from flour and organic spinach. I musy say this one was quite decent but definitely my less favorite. Dear healthier person aim to be : this one is a perfect alternative upon enjoying both tasty and healthy hearty meal. Frog legs Sichuan style IDR 100.000Frog legs or better known as Swikee is an ingredient that (most likely) would turned into something dashing if it handled by the right hands. My last time stumbled upon this swikee thing was about many years ago. Lucky, i can tasted it once more... Hmm, soft swikee accompanied by delicious poured sweet, bit spicy and savory Sichuan sauce. It would be more delicious if eaten by bare hands but no..Organic chili noodles with minced beefs, spicy garlic and oyster sauce IDR 115.000Crispy textured noodles resembles ifumie in every possible way (ofc, it is an ifumie) with yummy toppings. Now, some of the attendance said it was spicy whereas it didn't that spicy for me. I love that rich sensation when it happened to be eaten with that bit soupy toppings. Spicy Tofu with vegetables, chinese cabbage and chili IDR 95.000Another satisfying tofu menu, nicely fried on the outside while soft and smooth on the inside. That chili definitely giving an additional kick toward the dish.Nothing fancy? I second that on appearance.. but, keep reading..Didn't expect all of those ice creams would turned out great! All of them were enjoyable with distinctive differences. My heart went to Mango ice cream because i was in the mood for something cold and refreshing. Lovely mango ice cream with vivid mango taste and right level of sourness. The others were also really satisfying especially their chocolate ice cream which tasted so chocolaty and milky plus it wasn't too sweet. But, i really couldn't chose between chocolate or strawberry, surprisingly their strawberry ice cream as milky as well and really soft. I bet coffee lovers will tip their hats off for the coffee ice cream, strong coffee taste and aroma. While truffle is more like a peanut-y chocolate taste. As for you who seeks another refreshing sensation, just dig that raspberry ice cream out. Fantabulous. All of those goods came along with too sweet tuileThank you C's for having me, it was such a lovable luncheon. All the foods were pretty amazing though. Man, i just crave for their lamb fried rice right now.. C's Steak & Seafood RestaurantHours :Lunch - 12.00 pm to 15.00 pm dailyDinner - 18.00 pm to 22.10 pm daily4th floor Grand Hyatt JakartaJl.M.H Thamrin Kav 28-30Jakarta 10350(021) 2992 1234@CsJakarta- See more at: http://xhottypottyx.blogspot.com/#sthash.JGeCjfhV.dpuf Lanjutkan Membaca
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