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A Modern, cozy bar & restaurant with Indonesian Fusion food and modern drinking style Lanjutkan Membaca
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Djati Burger Nasi Ayam Rica - Rica
Ulasan (1)
Level3 2015-09-13
75 Lihat
As I mentioned in my review on Roca at Artotel, before indulging ourselves in a night snack at Roca, my foodie friends and I had dinner together at the newly opened Djati Bistro. Djati Bistro is an Indonesian/ fusion restaurant located at Oria Hotel. The interior was dominated by black and white, and also some wooden pieces of furniture.FoodSalmon with Lemon Butter Sauce (IDR 95K++)The salmon was flavorless, I couldn’t taste the lemon butter sauce at all. In addition, the mashed potato was a bit dry and cold.Nasi Ayam Rica Rica (IDR 69K++)The bowl perfectly displayed the authentic and delicious flavor of Indonesian rica rica sauce. It certainly will wake up your taste bud after the tasteless salmon.Grilled Boneless Chicken with French Fries (IDR 75K++)It has something missing on the flavor and the chicken was a little bit dry. But, the French fries were lovely.Djati Burger (IDR 80K++)The criss cut fries were crisp. The moment you put it in your mouth, you will first experience the crunch of the fries and the heartwarming taste of the delicate potato, which come right afterwards. I would not say the burger was soaked in moist because in fact it did not. BUT, it was still acceptable in terms of tenderness and seasoning.Personally, I think they were not ready to open a restaurant just yet, judging from the food quality. I hope they can alter the menu or maybe improve the food quality that they serve to guests, especially the dry and cold salmon and mashed potato. Even though the staffs were knowledgeable and helpful, the meal kind of hinders me to go back and dine at the restaurant. Lanjutkan Membaca
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