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Level2 2016-04-15
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Original review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/04/13/vietnamese-restaurant-jakarta-indonesia/Do An Vietnamese Restaurant Jakarta is among the few restaurants and cafe found at the South Quarter where my Indonesian office is located. I planned to try a different one on lunch every day.The restaurant is located under ground and the structure of the area allows lots of natural lights to penetrate into the basement area. As the restaurant was decorated with lots of red colour throughout and with white wall, it was attractive.We ordered 2 types of Vietnames Spring Roll. Goi Cuon (Rp 37,500) consist of Chicken and prawn while the latter comprise of beef instead. We thought the Vietnamese Spring Roll were pretty authentic. It uses all the typical ingredients found in the Vietnamese Spring Roll. While and Goi Bo Cuon (Rp 37,500) consist of beef instead. Both has different sauce and it went well.Bun Ga Nauong Xa (Rp 59,500) is also known as Rice Noodle Salad with BBQ Chicken Satay. This is the Vietnamese dry version of noodle . I somehow have a penchant of the dry version than the soup. The chicken satay is a fragrance with lots of herb marinate. It was a little too salty to eat it alone but was fine when accompanied with the rice noodle. I like the fried spring roll in the bowl of noodle too. But I think the taste was adjusted to Indonesian preference.Pho Bo Chin (Rp 59,500) is noodle Soup with Beef. The presentation looks exactly like the authentic Vietnamese Pho. But it isn’t very authentic. Likewise, the taste is adapted for the Indonesia’s tastebud.Com Ga Nuong Xa (Rp 58,500) has the Gilled Lemongrass Chicken with Rice together with a salad. Chicken was perfectly grilled. We thought it was a decent dish.When the Tom Rim (Rp 58,500) was served. I didn’t think it was a Vietnamese dish. It looked so Indonesian. According to the English description, it is an authentic Vietnamese Stir Fry Prawns with rice. I am still not convinced that it is authentic. This is quite a spicy dish. The prawns are small.At Do An Vietnamese Restaurant Jakarta, its menu offers a few page worth of beverages, cold and hot. Some Vietnamese classic while some are very Indonesia, I think.We have order of Ca Phe Sua Da is Vietnamese Coffee with milk (Rp 31,500), Tra Sua Da is Iced Milk Tea (Rp 28,500), Soda Xi Mui is a Sweet Salty Plum Soda (Rp 25,500) and Che Long Nhan is Iced Longan Drink (Rp 25,500).We thought the food served at Do An Vietnamese Restaurant Jakarta is tasty. A pity it wasn't authentic. The food served at Do An Vietnamese Restaurant were very much adapted to cater to the Indonesia flavours. Lanjutkan Membaca
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