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Who doesn’t know about this super happening waffle? I’ve been wanting and waiting to try this happening eggo waffle if I went to my relatives house. Because, around Pejaten area, you can’t find any Eggo Waffle stall. A lot of my friends already tried Eggo Waffle – Including my sister! – and they all have good comments about the taste.Because of that reason, When I was strolling around Gading area in North Jakarta and visiting my relatives there, my little sister show me the eggO waffle stall in the area. The place is not that big, and more like a take away type. However, I decided to order the dine-in menu, since everyone taking photos of those menus, lol! Let’s review!Hello Lolly – 64.5kIt’s not bad, the flavor is great, really. But I think I should have picked another menu. Compare with the price which is not cheap for a waffle, I feel the portion and the ingredients are not that much. It’s only a chocolate waffle without any fillings, marshmallow, 2 pocky stick, ice cream, and honey starts. I think they could add more into the waffle. At that time, I pick this menu because it looks really cute plus it’s brand new. I think it's better to ask for the details to the waiter before ordering ;)Service:The waiter is nice, she explain and give suggestion to us. Even though I think, she suggests the Hello Loly to us just because it’s a new menu. I wish I’m not that “galau” and could choose other menu beside Hello Loly, with richer fillings, of course.Ambiance:Red is the main colour of EggO Waffle. Even though their location is not big, I think they’ve a cute decoration like Tic Tac Toe symbol, and also the colour of the wood that mix well with the red colour.My little sister already told me that the take away waffle taste better than the dine in. Okay then, next time, I wish to try their take out waffle with the complete fillings, I think it might taste lot better! *Finger crossed*Stay awake for another food journey!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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