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Level3 2014-12-26
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Located at the 3rd floor of Plaza Senayan, Eric Kayser is now occupying the space that used to be Nannini’s. At first, I was quite disappointed knowing that Nannini closed their store here as I really love their Fettuccine Carbonara. Moreover, I did love the place as it was really accessible from my boardinghouse and it was indeed a cozy one. However, by the time I found out that the replacer of Nannini was Eric Kayser, my mind changed by 180 degree.They sell high quality bread and viennoseries (croissants, bichons, and danishes), which are all freshly baked every day. For the savoury lovers, they also provide savoury tart, salad, pizza, sandwich, and many more French savoury dishes. And the most important (especially for me ), they provide finest French pastries and coffee. For me who is a dessert lover and a coffee addict, Eric Kayser is my kind of heaven. I can enjoy their super-good-looking-yet-delicious cakes, while at the same time have a sip on my coffee. Definitely can be either a perfect brunch or an ideal tea time, isn’t it? Now let’s go to the part you have been waiting, the foods!Complimentary BreadFougasse Au Boeuf Grille (IDR 168k)This French Pizza will be best shared by two to three people, especially if you want to save some space for desserts. Lucky me that I went there with my sister, my all-time culinary-trip partner who amazingly always has the same menu to order on our mind. We decided to order Fougasse Au Boeuf Grille as we read that this was the one with richest toppings. By the time the waitress served it on our table, we knew that we had made an ideal choice this time! Generous amount of mozzarella and abundant slices of grilled rib eye on our pizza! Then what happened when it went into our mouth? Voila! Appearance did not lie this time. The taste was just perfect! The rib eye was so juicy and the mixture of the toppings just made us giving a YES for having it again next time.Ham & Cheese Croissant (IDR 82k) Besides the pizza, I did try their brunch menu, which was available from the opening time until 2pm. My choice went to this Ham & Cheese Croissant, which was basically croissant topped with beef ham and emmental cheese. Coming as the side dishes was lettuce and roasted tomato, and choice of egg (sunny side up, easy cook, or scrambled egg). I was quite disappointed with this dish as the first time it was served, the egg was cooked as sunny side up instead of easy cook, which was my request. The waiter then brought it into the kitchen again and changed it to the easy cook one. However, I was still upset looking at the presentation of the dish especially the egg, as for me it did not really show restaurant-quality presentation. Taste wise, it was okay but not for repeating order. Now the part that I love to talk about the most, D.E.S.S.E.R.T.S!!As their eclairs were so 'happening', having a try on them was a must for me. So, I had these two.Pistachio Eclair (IDR 40k)Praline Eclair (IDR 45k)Both of them had very moist texture and very rich filling. The pistachio cream would definitely make a pistachio lover could not stand to finish the whole éclair as soon as possible, since it was too good to be true. The praline one was also a heart-stealer as the size was more generous, and the praline cream combined with the toppings above the éclair had created a perfect match!Mi Cuit / Chocolate Fondant (IDR 68k)Eric Kayser's chocolate fondant was served with vanilla ice cream and crushed pistachio. At first, I was quite disappointed as the chocolate didn't melt perfectly. Luckily, the taste became the curer as it was far above my expectation. The texture was so moist and I really loved the chocolate taste. The sweetness level was just perfect, making me want to have more and more spoons of it. As the companion, the vanilla ice cream was also great as it was light and not too creamy.Royal (IDR 50k)This perfect combination of chocolate mousse and peanut butter has successfully pampered my taste bud. The texture was moist and the chocolate taste was very strong. A doubtless choice for a chocolate-fanatic like me! Foret Noire (IDR 50k) Reflected by its name, this indeed was a Black Forrest cake, but in Eric Kayser’s version. The ingredients used as well as the taste were quite similar to Black Forrest, except that this one came in mousse form, instead of sponge cake form. Since the texture was creamy, which you might rarely find in common Black Forrest, I did love this cake (yeah I always love creamy desserts). It was a perfect innovation for me as I could get the taste of BlackForrest, in the form of creamy cake, which I really really loved. Coffee Walnut (IDR 50k)I simply ordered this Coffee Walnut cake because it looked appealing. Additionally, it used coffee as the main ingredient, and yes I did love coffee so I thought why not giving it a try. Combining coffee cream and walnut on a pie crust, the taste was actually simple but quite enjoyable, though I might not want to order it for the second time. I guessed this mightbe a preference for those who love cake with creamy texture, but not having too sweet taste. Lemon Raspberry Tart (IDR 50k)The presentation of this cake was surely the winner among all desserts I enjoyed in this lunch. Even before I tasted this cake, the presentation could already make me feel refreshed. The sparkling red color of the fresh raspberries definitely made me drool and could not wait to have a spoon of it. Served on the crunchy tart, the sour and succulent flavor from lemon and raspberry combined with the sweet vanilla cream taste, have certainly created a heavenly piece of cake. Since I ate this cake after having other ‘chocolatey’ dessert, it tasted even better as it came as the final refresher for my taste bud.All in all, I think Eric Kayser deserves a try. They provide a complete package of great foods, great service, and great place. Although the price is relatively high, but it does reflect the quality earned.Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2014-05-07
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Satu lagi French Bakery hadir di Jakarta, yang bisa juga disebut patisserie atau boulangerie, yaitu Eric Kayser. Bertempat di salah satu mall yang high class, tepatnya berada di lantai 3 Plaza Senayan dan baru dibuka pada tanggal 7 April tahun ini. Eric Kayser sendiri merupakan salah satu bakery yang sangat terkenal, pertama kali dibuka di Paris pada tanggal 13 September tahun 1996 dan sekarang terdapat 80 cabang yang tersebar di seluruh dunia.Space di Eric Kayser ini tidak terlalu besar, kita bisa milih table di bagian luar atau bagian dalam. Desain interiornya simple tapi elegan. Oh yah hati-hati sama mejanya, di bagian sampingnya dibuat miring ke luar gitu, bisa-bisa sendok garpu yang kamu pakai jatuh ke lantai, jadi jangan terlalu ditaruh ke pinggir meja.Kalau lihat raspberry tart, pasti aku ga bisa ga pesan. Rasa raspberrynya enak dan fresh, pie crustnya juga gampang dipotong menggunakan pisau. Fillingnya juga enak dan ga kemanisan serta ada taburan kacang pistachio cincang di atasnya.Jadi ini macaron yang ditengahnya ada krim pistachio dan di sekelilingnya ditaruh raspberry. Macaron shellnya enak, crunchynya yang model halus gitu, yang ga bikin sakit gigi pas dikunyah. Raspberrynya juga berasa fresh, dan krim pistachionya juga enak. Tampilannya juga cantik, sayang sebenarnya buat dimakan.Baru kali ini nemu éclair dengan rasa pistachio, jadi aku cobain deh. Di atasnya ada pistachio glazenya dan filling juga pistachio dengan taburan kacang pistachio di atasnya, full pistachio deh. Rasanya enak dan manisnya juga pas, kalau aku bilang dari semua éclair yang pernah aku coba, adonan éclair di Eric Kayser ini, bisa dibilang “tipis”, aku binggung deskripsiinnya gimana, jadi aku bilang tipis aja.Teh yang digunakan di sini menggunakan merk Dilmah, sebenernya lebih berharap kayak brand semacam TWG yang dipakai. Habis Dilmah kayaknya udah umum banget dan aku udah sering banget minum teh varian yang satu ini kalau ke restoran. Tekonya lucu, putih simple gitu. Oh yah kalau memesan hot beverages, kita akan diberikan mini financier yang juga dijual secara terpisah. Financier sendiri semacam sponge cake yang biasa menggunakan campuran tepung almond dalam pembuatannya. Rasanya enak, kenyal gitu, sepertinya rasa vanilla sih.ConclusionPencinta French bakery, Eric Kayser wajib dicobain nih, harganya masih sedikit lebih humble dari Paul dan service juga lebih bagus sih. Cuma kalau untuk rasa prefer ke Paul sih. Maaf nih ngebandingin bandingin, tapi cuma pengen share pendapat pribadi saja, bukannya ga enak kok. Mereka menyediakan berbagai macam roti, pastry dan macaron, sebenernya tertarik sama almond croissantnya tapi takut ga habis, di sini juga menyediakan sandwiches jika ingin makanan yang lebih berat. Minumannya selain teh ada kopi juga. Maaf untuk menu ga begitu tahu banyak soalnya cuma makan pastry aja yang aku langsung pesan pas lihat di showcasenya. Hati-hati juga, di sini bakalan kalap, kalau aku pas lihat rasanya pengen tunjuk ini dan itu buat dipesan XD Harga di atas belum termasuk tax sebesar 10% dan service sebesar 5 %. Lanjutkan Membaca
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