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Hey Guys! Are you looking for a suggestion how to spend your Friday night wisely? Well, congratulations! Because you’ve found the right post on how to spend your Friday night ;) Located on Jl. Kemang Raya, Fez By Aphrodite is in 1 building with Kinara Group. As it is a bar, Fez open daily starting from 2 p.m until 2 a.m everyday. Except for Saturday and Sunday, they open from 12 p.m. When you are in the Kemang Raya street, you won’t miss the location of Fez because the building design is so unique, looks like an Indian castle with bright brown colour on it. Here, you also can find Kinara and another Fez. The first floor (the one you step in the first time) is Fez by Aphrodite. It’s a Bar – well, definitely – but it also has super delicious Food & Dessert! Let’s go to the review, shall we? Food & Beverage (not include service 10% & tax 10%) Grill Porkchop Swiss – IDR 99k Fez needs a long time to prepare our dish. I think I wait around 15 – 20 minutes to before I can take a photo of this dish and – horray!, finally – eating it. That’s why, if you’re already hungry, I recommend to order really fast, so you can get your dish faster too. However, the waiting is worth it. The taste of the Porkchop and the bacon is super great, I can chew it easily inside my mouth. I’m not a fan of tomato, but I do love the combination of mozzarella cheese with tomato. Plus, I love the seasoning on the vegetables! It all blends perfectly in my mouth. Unfortunately, there are some of the elements that could be better. For example, the taste of the mash potato is really cold, and lack of seasoning. I expect it to be warmer and saltier. Also, I really really have to spend all my energy in cutting the meat! It’s really hard to cut with knife and fork. But, it’s easy to chew. This part, I really confuse why it is like that. Strange, right? Usually if it’s hard to cut, then it’s hard to chew. But it’s not like that with this pork chop. Well, overall I’m enjoying the taste! Mojito – IDR 80k The best match while eating grill pork chop is mojito! It tastes really refreshing with the combination between mint, lime, soda, and a bit of alcohol. Banana Pancake – IDR 42k Because I already know that it takes a bit longer to wait for our order, when I was about to finish my grill porkchop, I order the dessert, which is banana pancake. Yes, eventhough it’s a bar, it also has dessert! Wonderful, right? Just about when I finish, the pancake come. You’ll got one pancake with maple syrup, vanilla ice cream, and a cherry. I’m a fan of a dessert, and I’m definitely a fan of this super yummy banana pancake! The banana taste sweet, the pancake is really soft, and match perfectly with the ice cream. Love, love it. Milk Shake – IDR 35k Because mojito doesn’t match with the pancake, I order my second drink, chocolate milkshake. The taste of the chocolate is really familiar (well, I can guess what brand, hahaha!) and it taste superb! Oh, Fez doesn’t need a long time to prepare for the drink, so don’t worry ;) Service: There are 2 waiters serving me at that time. One was taking order, and the other make the drink. They’re really helpful, very attentive, and super friendly. AmbianceI sit in the bar area that time, and it’s really comfy. You can charge your phone easily there, you can enjoy the music, and you can say Hi to the other customer too! When I’m about to take picture with my sis, there’s this one foreigner name Mark (hey Mark!) and he jump to take a photo with us. A great bar, indeed!Stay awake for another food journey! --Megan Faustine Instagram & Twitter : @meganfaustine Blog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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