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Level2 2016-01-11
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First opened in Senayan Ciy back in 2006. Foodism restaurant initially sported a modern contemporary and clean design. The second outlet then opened in FX Senayan, before relocated to the new location in Kemang area on November 2014.Nestled in new location at Jalan Taman Kemang, not far from Kemang Mansion. This restaurant occupying a three story building with a capacity of 300 people. Carrying the concept of “One Stop Entertainment”, people can come and enjoy food, drink, night life, and live music.Black colour wall and the dimly lit setting inside restaurant and reflective table surface is absolutely a food blogger’s nightmares, but the restaurant design is evidently chic, with a beautiful artwork and painting that you can find in almost every corner of restaurant. The 1st floor carrying a basic concept of most restaurant and cafe in general, the 2nd floor of Foodism grants the customer needs by providing VIP and Private Room, 3rd floor specially designed for music and events room-an intimate music hall complete with its band set and DJ deck equipped with majestic sound.Spaghetti Prawn in Salty Egg Sauce (IDR 125.000) Spaghetti in creamy salted egg sauce with spicy chili. The al-dente spaghetti bathed in creamy salted duck eggs sauce with a few plump shrimps. There’s a treasure of red chili hiding on the pasta, you can easily remove it if you can’t stand the heat of the chilies, or just crush it if you prefer the spicy pasta.Poulet Braise or African Chicken (IDR 95.000) Roasted chicken in green mayonnaise sauce, served with Hainan rice, fried banana, a cup of mushroom soup and spicy sambal. The roasted chicken well seasoned and it blend perfectly with herby mayonnaise sauce, and the soup was delicious. Each on their own was delicious, but in my opinion marrying it all together it didn’t work- too many component and they clashed, rather than complemented.Oxtail Soup/ Soup Buntut (IDR 135.000) Australian Oxtail prepared traditionally in Indonesian style soup served with steamed white rice and emping crackers. This is a pretty decent soup buntut, it come in a big portion and the oxtail was tender and fall of the bone.Spaghetti Carbonara (IDR 80.000)Normally I don’t like cheesy and creamy pasta but this one, even though still taste a bit too cheesy on my palate they managed to 'force’ me to eat it, it was look so appealing to be ignored and yes it was a delicious! It was creamy, cheesy, rich and they give a generous amount of sliced smoked beef.Strawberry Milkshake (IDR 35.000) one of their non-alcohol drink menu. I like the freshness and a good balance of sweet and sour in this drink, it was creamy but the fresh strawberry give a light and fresh touch to this milkshake. Beside milkshake they also have nice selection of mocktail, hot or iced tea, and coffee based drink.Duo Salmon (IDR 250.000) Roasted salmon topped with smoked salmon in creamy pink pepper sauce. It was nicely done, the texture of crispy smoked salmon on top of the salmon contrasted well with juicy roasted salmon, the acidity of the green peppercorn cut through the richness of the dish, while the pink peppercorn add nice fruity flavour with slightly spicy finish to the sauce.More review and recipe Instagram : @atikasumarsonohttps://treeolive.wordpress.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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