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(021) 29305091
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Sun - Thu 11:30 - 22:00 Fri - Sat 11:30 - 00:00
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Thank God, I don’t have to fly to Madrid, to experience Gastromaquia’s exquisite food, because, since 2015, Gastromaquia has arrived in Senopati, one of the most happening culinary destinations in Jakarta.I visited the restaurant with my family, and we were seated on the first floor that boasts a simple but alluringly romantic interior.I had heard of Gastromaquia’s heavenly spare ribs, and I have been dying to try it, but my dream has to be crashed for a while, as the dish was sold out at the time. But, it’s all right, as the other food that I tried was delightful.FoodPumpkin Soup with Pan Seared Scallop (IDR 65K++)An excellent soup consistency, coupled with an explosive flavour of pumpkin. Impressive! As the scallop was devoured by my mum, I didn’t know how it tasted, but she seemed to enjoy it well.Galician Octopus with Potato Foam (IDR 75K++)The octopus was surprisingly tender, and the potato foam blew my mouth in a gentle manner. The dish looked extremely creamy and cheesy, but it’s far from it. It was lightly seasoned, yet flavourful. It was a taste that you have to try to understand.Cripsy Pig Ear (IDR 55K++)The dish was the last to arrived at the table. Even though it was satisfyingly crispy, the pig ear was bombed with too much salt. I felt like my blood pressure was rising as I ate it.Chicken Quesadillas (IDR 65K++)I wonder how they cooked the quesadillas because it was one of the most pleasurable quesadillas that I’ve ever eaten. The skin was crispy, but still soft enough to be chewed and the filling was delicioso! And above all their decision to pair the superb quesadillas with the fresh tasting mango sauce was brilliant!Mac and Cheese with Bacon (IDR 75K++)Have you ever had a good Mac and Cheese before? Still remember how it tasted? Well, this one was probably similar to what you are remembering. Cheesy, salty, and enjoyable, but too ordinary.Garlic Noodle with Crab Meat (IDR 45K++)The noodle tasted like the Bakmie that I used to have with my friends after school. It was springy and had an intense savoury flavour. It was too good to be passed up, especially when there was quite a generous amount of crabmeat.Beef Brisket with Grilled Cheese Sandwich (IDR 95K++)The crunchy sandwich was loaded with a reasonable amount of soft beef brisket, which was a tiny bit too sweet for my taste bud. The cheese on top did not do much.Slow Braised Pork Belly (IDR 95K++)A fluffy bun squeezing a soft, flavourful pork belly. It was indeed pleasing, but not pleasing enough to steal a place in my heart.Linguine with Foie Gras Sauce (IDR 95K++)The dish was simply salivating. It tasted like a carbonara pasta, but on a lighter side.Our dinner at Gastromaquia was a palate pleasing one that I wish to come back sooner than the return of Mondays. The service, the food, the interior, everything was splendid!*Nona Tukang Makan was not invited or paid by any individual or business to write this review. The opinion stated is strictly hers. Lanjutkan Membaca
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