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Di kala weekend yang kebetulan ngga ada tambahan tugas dari tempat kerjaan, maka pada saat itulah gravitasi tempat tidur saya seolah meningkat besarannya dua kali lipat. .Tapi hari itu, Sabtu 28 November 2015 saya ngga seharian bermalas-malasan di kos, karena siangnya saya ada undangan launching New Varian Gelato dari GB Bistro & Dessert. Lokasinya di Senayan City Mall (Senci).Suasana GB Bistro&Dessert~SenciSalah satu sajian andalan GB Bistro& Dessert adalah Cookie Waffle Chocolate , dessert gelato dengan panduan wafel crispy, Pannacotta chocolate, potongan strawberry dan serpihan coklat oreo. Lembut dan endeusss walaupun agak kemanisan. Bahan dasar gelato-nya lebih rendah lemak daripada eskrim. Saya juga baru tau kalo antara gelato dan es krim terdapat perbedaan.Waffle Chocolate (69, 5 K) doc.pribadiSundae (69, 5 K) doc.pribadi“Gelato hanya memiliki kandungan 5-7% lemak, sedangkan es krim bisa 20%,” kata Mas Toni dari GB Bistro&Dessert. Gelato ngga memakai bahan krim seperti es krim.Dessert lainnya yang saya cicipi adalah Sundae yang tersusun dari panduan gingerbread gelato (gelato rasa jahe), brownies, kayu manis, dan gelato coklat serta topingnya caramel dan waffle. Yang ini berasa banget jahenya.Saya lebih suka dessert yang sebelumnya hihi….Kenalan sama 24 Varian Gelato BaruDilihat dari segi interior restoran ini menawarkan tempat yang cozy dengan kelip lampu yang cafe banget. Pelayanannya juga tergolong cepat dan ramah.Menyambut 2016, GB Bistro&Dessert menghadirkan 24 varian gelato baru juga lho! Lengkap mulai dari varian avocado, vanilla, strawberry sampe buah naga ada. Yang avocado-nya nendang. Harga yang tertera untuk gelato cone adalah:Single 30 K, Double 50 K, Triple 70 K.Sebagai penutup, saya dan para undangan lainnya dapat oleh-oleh gelato varian green tea dan kopi. Selera saya sich lebih ke varian kopi.Nah bagi pembaca yang mau icip-icip gelato varian terbaru dan aneka dessert, boleh mampir ke GB Bistro&Dessert. Ngga Cuma dessert kok, main course juga tersedia di sini.GB Bistro & DessertSenayanCity , LG Floor L-18Jl. Raya Asia Afrika ,Senayan, JakartaOpening HoursMonday-Sunday 10.00-22.00Review kuliner lainnya bisa disimak di blog sayawww.inarakhmawati.comsee you dear ! Lanjutkan Membaca
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I was really really happy when I heard that there was another restaurant opened in Senayan City. If you had read some of my previous posts, you might have known that I stayed super close to Senayan City and I could just go there by feet. If you noticed, what actually made me happy was the word ‘dessert’ put on the name of this restaurant. As a dessert holic, my eyes definitely blinked looking at this . Without no doubt, I decided to give GB Bistro a try right after its grand opening. Actually, when I wrote this, I've been there for several times so great news, the review will be quite generous in terms of information . The design of the venue blended classic and natural concept. The place was really spacious and cozy. If you were trying to find a place for chilling in Senayan area, GB Bistro should be put on your list. They sold quite wide range of foods, including the Western and the Indonesian ones. For the desserts, you had tons of choices as well! They had gelato, cakes, pancakes, waffles, and many many more, including the ones you rarely found inother places! Lasagna (IDR 65k)Actually, this was the first as well as the only savoury dish of GB Bistro I have ever tasted. The portion was just right for me, however it might be quite small for men or for you who had big appetite on savoury dish. Judging it based on the taste, for me it was just so so and I did not find something special. For me, they put too much tomato on this dish,making it cannibalize the flavor of other ingredients, particularly the meat and the cheese. Warm Bread Pudding (IDR 55k)Honestly, what did you think when you saw this one? Too mainstream? Boring? Or any other opinion? Yeah. This one might look so common and so simple. But trust me, this one was one of the must-try from GB Bistro desserts list! It had proven that simplicity was indeed the true sophistication. Although it was kinda simple, the taste of each ingredient was so rich! The texture was also brilliant as it was so moist. Most importantly, representing its name, this dish was indeed served warm as it was fresh from the oven! Ifyou asked about the size, it was actually big enough to fully fill-in your tummy. Thus, I recommended you to share it with 1-2 people if you still wanted to enjoy other dishes. For the ice cream, actually this dish should go with vanilla ice cream. Nonetheless, you were always free to request for changing the flavor. Dark Chocolate Soil Dessert (IDR 55k)“Euuhh..!” This might be the first expression shown by most of you who had just seen this dessert for the very first time. Conversely, some of you (especially the ones who were daily exposed to social media) might think this dessert was too mainstream since you almost saw its pictures on your social media account every day. As you might see, it was indeed look like soil with warms on it. But did you realize there was something quite weird here? For you who said yes, I guessed you were thinking about something similar to me. Yes, instead of being served in a pot, this dessert was served in a water jug, whichwas kinda weird because we found soil in a pot, instead of jug . Anyway, forget about that. So basically what was in this dessert? From what I tasted, I guessed it was dark chocolate brownie with oreo cookie crumble. And under that ‘disgusting yet delicious’ soil, they actually served one scoop of ice cream, whose flavor you could choose as well. For the worms, I believed all of you had known it since you were still cute little kids. It was definitely Yupi. In a nutshell, if you were a chocolate lover, you might give this a try!Apple Crumble (IDR 55k)First time seeing the dish served on the table, my heart danced right away! Not trying to over exaggerate it, but I was just SO SO SO happy looking at the huge portion. As you could see in the picture, yes, I was having like a sauce pan of super good-looking apple crumble. According to my judgment (which other people might either agree or disagree), basically there were 2 types of apple crumble; the one with big cuts of apples and theone with tiny cuts of apples. I personally loved the latter one and guess what, this one exactly matched my preference! I had fallen in love with this dish as it had ideal sweetness level, the apple was fresh, and the cookie crumble tasted exceptional. Additionally, that one scoop of ice cream put on top of the apple crumble had turned this dish into perfection, especially because you were allowed to choose the flavor you desired. This time, I chose Donkey Kong, which was basically peanut butter and crunchy chocolate gelato. The gelato itself was quite good though the peanut butter could not be strongly tasted. Cannolo Siciliano (IDR 55k)Bored with the mainstream ones? Then you should go for this! Cannolo Siciliano was GB Bistro’s version of Italian Cannolo with cream-cheese-filled cone rolls, topped with super generous amount of berries, and one scoop of your choice of gelato. For this cannolo, I gave a try for GB Bistro’s mascarpone ice cream. As a cheese fanatic, I SUPER SUPER LOVE THIS! The cream cheese filling was marvelous and I thought it was a wonderfully balancedblend of cheesy and sweet taste! Moreover, the berries toppings had perfectly delivered the refreshing sensation. And as I combined this with mascarpone ice cream, yes, it gave more and more cheesy taste which I loved uber much. Overall, I awarded this dessert as THE BEST DESSERT OF GB BISTRO (in my version)! For you the cheese lovers, you surely did not want to miss this!Brown McNuts (IDR 59.5k)This was one of the best-seller gelato sundaes from GB Bistro. It was basically the amazing combination of chocolate and coffee gelato, mixed with home-made chocolate and peanut butter sauce, and topped with caramelized nuts brownies chunks. For you who are craving for rich gelato mixture, without no doubt this is yours! The only thing I could ask for this dessert was just I wanted bigger portion All in all, I highly recommended GB Bistro for those who were hunting for desserts. For you who were seeking for savoury dishes, you might give GB Bistro a try. I myself would definitely go back here to try more of the dishes from their menu. So, wait for my next review! Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @Jessica_Gaby Lanjutkan Membaca
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GB Bistro & Dessert just recently opened its new outlet in Senayan City Mall. It is located in LG Floor and it is easy to find the restaurant because of those bright hanging light bulbs. I really love when it comes to trying new food in new restaurant, so I decided to give it a try even though I just finished my dinner and I'm still full at that time.Green Tea Milkshake (IDR 45k)The green tea milkshake is served with a small wooden tray and topped with a lot of whipped cream. The whipped cream and the green tea milkshake is really a good match. I still can feel the green tea flavor and I think they adjust the sweetness nicely. It is not overly sweet but it is not bland as well. I don't know how to describe this, but I think the combination is just right and I have to say that it is the best green tea milkshake I've ever had. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2013-12-25
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Melihat dari nama restonya, gw kira disini specialtynya adalah gelatonya so gw cobain aja deh. Resto ini saking kurang catchynya kalo ga dicari mungkin ga bakal ngeh kali ya. Posisi dan desain tempatnya kurang menarik. Nah ini kedua kalinya gw ke sini karena pernah nyoba salah satu menu main coursenya juga hehe..Anyway, gw beli 2 scoop gelatonya. Rasa yang gw pilih adalah favorit gw yakni chocolate sama cookies & cream (vanilla plus oreo gitu) hohoho. Harganya cukup mahal ya, ga gitu surprising sih kalo di mal apalagi Senayan City sini ya. Tapi rasanya juga kurang berkesan menurut gw. Enak sih, tapi ga sampe gimana-gimana banget dan bikin ketagihan mau balik lagi. Masih banyak improvement ni menurut gw. Kalo untuk sekadar nyobain, boleh lah OpenRicers Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2013-01-10
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Saat di senayan city bila kalian ingin tempat nongkrong yang enak dan ada tersedia menu cemilan seperti ice cream dan lain nya dan makanan ala western yang enak maka kalian wajib ke tempat gelato bar ini neh...karena di gelato bar ini tempat nya juga sangat cozy banget tempat nya...pas banget buat nongkrong deh pokok nya...Kalau saya sih kalau kesini pasti wajib dan kudu harus membeli menu ice cream nya yang enak yang ada di gelato bar ini,karena rasa ice cream yang ada di gelato bar ini saya sangat suka banget dengan rasa nya dan uda gitu di tempat gelato bar ini tempat nya juga cukup cozy banget deh tempat nya...Pada waktu itu saya kesini bersama dengan teman teman saya dan karena kami pun ingin mencari tempat cemilan yang enak dan tempat nongkrong yang enak dimana maka kami pun memutusan untuk nongkrong di gelato bar ini.dan pada waktu kami kesini tempat nya pun terlihat cukup ramai...Menu yang menjadi andalan di tempat ini adalah menu ice cream nya dan pada waktu saya makan disini saya pun memutuskan untuk memesan :Fruitty indulgence nya yaitu di ice cream nya ada buah jeruk kacang almond dan ice cream ya saya minta yang rasa cokelat dan strawberry nya da semua nya disajikan dengan kue waffle ice cream nya,dan rasa waffle ice cream nya pun terasa cukup renyah.dan untuk rasa ice cream nya terasa pas sekali manis nya dengan yang saya suka dan taburan kacang almond dan buah jeruk nya yang fresh...hmmm...yummy...yummy...Seafood platter menu ini terdiriri dari kentang goreng,calamary, salmon balls,dan tempura dan selada nya dan untuk menu yang saya pesan ini rasa nya sangat pas sekali sebagai menu cemilan saya di tempat gelato bar ini,dan untuk rasa nya juga sangat enak dan nikmat sekali...Harga menu makanan disini memanng cukup mahal tapi rasa yang diberikan menu ini sangat terasa worth it sekali,dan kedua menu yang saya pesan ini saya sangat suka banget.... Lanjutkan Membaca
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