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Level3 2016-03-05
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One purpose of visiting Aeon Mall was to try some new eateries. I had already saved space in my belly for a bowl of ramen. At ramen village, there were around 6 or 7 ramen places. Some of them don't serve pork or lard, so no need to worry for anyone who is looking for halal ramen.Seeing their menu list for the first time, my eye was set on their kazan ramen picture. There were a quarter sized chickens (thigh part) on top of the noodle. I discussed with my friends whether they really served you the whole chicken thigh or was it just to emphasize on the chicken flavour then decided that the only way to find out is to just order it. The other menu was equally interesting and the prices were affordable too. Ramen price ranges from IDR 30.000 - IDR 70.000.While waiting, we noticed that there was an instruction on how to eat the Kazan (Volcano) Ramen. Not long after, the food arrived. The waiter come with a tray that had a bowl with a red lid and light smoke coming from it like a volcano, a bowl of rice and a cup of broth. He put it down on our table then opens up the lid and pours the broth to the bowl slowly. I was ecstatic to see there was a beautiful piece of chicken thigh in it. He then closed it back and asked us to wait for about a minute (there was a small hour glass on the table). After the last sand dropped to the bottom, the waiter opened the lid again and poured some more broth. He then told us to mix the noodle while it's hot and not to eat it directly from the hot stone bowl because it would be really hot.First we tried their Beef Sukiyaki Kazan. The broth was too sweet for my liking, probably due to the sukiyaki soy sauce paste. If you prefer savoury taste you could opt for the shoyu one. The sliced beef was sort of a hit and miss for me. Meat was thicker than the beef in Yoshinoya's rice bowl yet it was still tender but a little bland if you eat it without the broth, perhaps it hasn’t absorbed the spices. Same as the chicken one, this dish had a lot of vegetables: fresh cauliflower, paprika, onion and bean sprouts to give you different textures.I had the Chicken Kazan Karamiso which had a special blended spicy miso on it. I started to mix the noodle with the veggies carefully, not wanting to ruin the chicken. My belly was grumbling so I put some noodle on the other plate and started to dig in. It was damn Hot! The hot stone bowl really kept the noodle and broth as hot as if they just came out from the boiling pot. My broth wasn't as salty as I want it to be so I added a few drops of salty soy sauce, sesame oil (I always love the taste of sesame oil), grated garlic and chilli powder. The broth was really good but for me the chicken was the star. The chicken was cooked in the broth for quite some time so it was able to soak up the flavour and spices. The meat was juicy and tender and very flavourful. After finishing the noodle, I then put the rice in to the hot stone bowl and poured the rest of the broth just as instructed...so really you can enjoy your broth two ways. I absolutely like the fact that the broth was still hot, nothing repels me more that a cold thick soup. I was really satisfied by my experience here and can't wait to try other dishes on their menu.We also had the ramen set: Chicken Ramen + Chicken Gyoza. After all those hot stone flare this ramen bowl looks so modest  But it was still nice and had the same type of chicken on top, while the gyoza was so-so.If you ever want to try different way of eating ramen then you should go to this place, as I will certainly be back to eat their big Kazan Ramen!Note: BIG portion. I have a big appetite but this was still too big for me. I have to do some serious munching and gulping to finish it. Better if you split it with your friend and I believe you will enjoy it more because the noodle is extremely hot then you will eat slower, causing the ramen noodle thicken up and getting softer by the time you eat half of it. Lanjutkan Membaca
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