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Crush Level: Food (4/5), Service (4/5), Ambience (3.5/5)Date of Visit: 28/06/2016After 30 minutes of wandering around at the mall, my sister and I decided on Kintan Yakiniku as our early dinner destination for the night.The place was almost entirely filled up at the time, but the kind staff managed to find us a table to sit at.FoodAs my stomach was still a little full due to our (very) late lunch, we opted for the Manpuku Yakiniku Plate (recommended for two people) and a bowl of rice to share.The Manpuku Yakiniku Plate (IDR 268K++) includes five types of beef; Kintan Rosu, Kintan Kalbi, Yakishabu Kalbi, Harami, and Beef Tongue. The waitress recommended the menu to us, as we said we couldn't devour much at the moment.I am a huge sucker for delicate and juicy beef tongue. But, there seems to be less than a few Korean/Japanese BBQ restaurants in Jakarta that are able to execute it flawlessly. Luckily, Kintan Yakiniku was able to satisfy my craving.The other beef chunks were also succulent, tender, and flavourful at the same time. I didn’t need to use much of my teeth to chew them.They are one of the tastiest and most salivating that I’ve ever had in my blogging years. Every time I pick a piece with my chopsticks, my mouth couldn’t stop watering itself.I didn’t take a picture of the sauces, as I was too occupied with the beautiful beef on the grill. But, they were as fluttering as the beef.Our culinary experience at Kintan Yakiniku was so satisfying. Both the meal and the service were no less than top notch.*Nona Tukang Makan was not invited or paid by any individual or business to write this review. The opinion stated is strictly hers. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level2 2014-12-27
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Yakiniku is quite familiar in Jakarta. Probably everybody has known that Yakiniku is one of Japanese food, which main ingredient is sliced meat (could be beef, chicken, or seafood) dipped in Niku Tare Sauce, and grilled over fire using iron plate called "Ami". But not only that, KINTAN is also offering the new way to eat Yakiniku, just like how Japanese people do it in their country.First, meet the sauces and side dishes. KINTAN's special sauce, the spicy sauce (top left) were sooo good! It's bursting with flavor but not overpowering the taste of the meat itself. Oh and for healthy and nice appetizer, go grab their Choregi Salad (IDR 38.000).Surprised Hormone (IDR 59.000)This one is one of KINTAN's specialty, and I bet you could hardly find something like this in the other Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta, because this is made of Cow's Intestine! Well I'm not usually an organ-eater, but I always excited to try new things you know, especially when it is the best seller item. Texture wise it was kinda chewy, slightly chewier than squid, I presume. The seasoning was rich and spicy, it blended well with the intestine itself.Wagyu Sirloin (IDR 170.000)Just looking at that gorgeous marbling, we could already know that they are using the best quality beef. The meat was so nice and tender. Definitely not to be missed when you are here.Top 1 Manpuku Yakiniku Plate (IDR 268.000)Another best seller item! One portion of Top 1 Manpuku Yakiniku Plate consists Kintan Jou Kalbi, Harami, Yaki Shabu Kalbi, Beef Tongue, and Rosu meat enough for 2-3 persons. All the meat were tender, juicy, and seasoned to perfection. Lanjutkan Membaca
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