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Level3 2016-03-05
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This place was recommended by my friend who lives in Tangerang, stating "You will absolutely love the place, nice settings and good food". So, guided by my dear GPS we headed there on one weekend. You wouldn’t be able to see the restaurant from the street because we had to go through an opened gate which from there Lot 9 could be seen with its spacious parking space and garden. The restaurant itself was sort of hipster, something you would expect to be in Kemang. It had high ceiling with red bricks all over and huge windows. Good premises, I must say.Their snack menu had lots of variety from fried banana, bread toast, and even martabak. For appetizer we ordered some Sayap Ayam (chicken wings) and since it was lunch time we decided to have something heavier that was chef recommended. We ordered Oseng-oseng Iga Lunak (Stir-fry tender ribs) that tasted delish. If you eat it with rice then you could definitely share the ribs as the portion was kind of big. Ordering this type of food could be tricky because some places only give few cuts of meat while the sides (paprika, onions, etc) were A LOT. But here the ratio of meat and sides on this dish is 75:25, still pretty good. The meat itself was very tender, tear easily even though it was big cut of meat. They seasoned it nicely, flavourful but not too strong.Ayam Goreng Garing Kremes which is a fried seasoned chicken with crumbs, tasted wonderful. Tender and moist chicken with salty and crispy skin. Yumm. The keremesan was equally good, because they are seasoned as well. Unfortunately the chicken was not thoroughly cooked, because it still had blood on the inside (if the one in context was a steak, I could let it pass) and it took quite a while for them to cook another one, but at least it came out as good.Our Chicken wings came out while we were eating our food and I think it was a let down. Appetizer SHOULD come before main course, which is a Must in my book. The chicken wings were nothing to brag about. They were small and wasn’t appealing. It was not seasoned well either so I could only taste the honey on the skin. My taste buds was craving for something more, it could be just a pinch of salt or fried garlic. There was sauce on the side but it didn't do much to add favour.The beverages had unique names and quite varied. The one we had that day was Catatan Si Boy, Pupsa Indah and Nagabonar. The name Catatan si Boy was actually taken from an Indonesian teen movie back in the '80s (I used to watch the re-run when I was a kid). It had a cute serving, the way they put it in slanted bottle inside a cup filled with ice. It looked sweet but surprisingly it had a dark taste. The mix between coffee and peanut butter was too bitter for me and covered my taste buds which made me not be able to taste the mascarpone (which was too bad, because I think if we could taste every element it would’ve been super delicious. Something like peanut butter tiramisu perhaps?) But for anyone who likes espresso or mocha, you might like this one.After Catatan si Boy we tried Puspa Indah. It was thick and filled with milky goodness. The blend between Marie biscuits and milk was spot on. A little more cinnamon would’ve been better too, in our opinion. The only comment about this one was we couldn't really taste the speculaas.The last one was Nagabonar. Another drink with a name taken from a classic Indonesian movie; this one was a combination of chocolate and banana. It seemed like a match made in food heaven, but the chocolate sauce was too sweet. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2016-01-18
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Openricers, ada lagi nih tempat yang nyaman banget buat jadi list km kalau mau hangout nanti didaerah Bintaro, Lot 9 Bintaro tempat yang luas dan yang bikin unik ini nama nama minumnya ajaib dikasih nama siti nurbaya, kabayan, tongkat emas dll tenang ada describenya masing masing ko ditiap minumnyaPelangi dimatamu salah satu minuman yang ada disini, terdiri dari strawberry peach dan mint kebayang kan gmana segernya biarpun agak asam sedikit justru itu yang bikin moodbusternya dari penyajiannya aja mereka pisah warnanya shingga sperti pelangi pas deh sama nama menunya. Lanjutkan Membaca
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