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Different from most Italian restaurants, which are decorated with extravagant furniture that fit for kings and queens, Mamma Rosy set itself apart with its homey and relaxing interior. Set inside a huge ex Balinese house, Mamma Rosy is an Italian restaurant that offers not only authentic but also homemade cuisine cooked by non-other than Mamma Rosy herself.As it is such a rare moment for me to explore Kemang (and after hearing about the restaurant's seductive food), I decided to order loads of food to satisfy my intense craving. Of course, I was happy to be able to share them with my family.Complimentary BreadI may have to apologise. As I didn’t try the bread, I cannot explain how they were like. Nevertheless, my mom seemed to be enjoying herself.Wrong Bruschetta (IDR 79K++)Fluffy and crispy focaccia. Half of them were flavoured with garlic rucola sauce and some parmesan, while the other halves were topped with tuna sauce and some dried tomatoes. The garlic rucola sauce was delicate but still flavourful, and the parmesan did not steal the spotlight from the sauce. It was an excellent harmony. Wrong Bruschetta? More like a rightful bruschetta!Burrata (IDR 189K++).My sister was deeply enthusiastic about this cheese menu. She went as far as ordering the dish a day before, which I’m sure she didn’t regret. It was a pleasant balance of fresh, sweet, sour tomatoes, milky burrata cheese, and a tantalising flavour of pesto. Bursting with freshness and addictingly tasty!Karnivora Pizza (IDR 129K++)Thin, smoky, crisp pizza flavoured with a gentle, savoury taste of salt, and awakening tomato fragrance.Ravioli Con Aioli (IDR 49K++)Crunchy ravioli stuffed with scrumptious beef. It was a genuine satisfaction.Spaghetti A.O.P - Aglio, Olio e Peperoncini (IDR 99K++)Al dente spaghetti paired with some rich olive oil. Just simply good!Risotti Al Funghi (IDR 109K++)From the impressive texture to the deep mushroomy flavour, the dish scored an awesome victory.Tagliatelle Funghi (IDR 99K++)The pasta was tossed in the similar creamy mushroomy sauce that the Risotti was bathed in. For some reason, the sauce matched less with the tagliatelle, but still palatable.Fusilli Carbonara (IDR 99K++)This pasta was too basic. The other wonderful meals outshined it.Last but not leastanna Cotta (IDR 39K++)Without a shred of doubt in my mind, this was one of the most charming panna cotta that I've ever had in my blogging years. The smooth custard and its modest sweetness delighted my taste bud. There sure are a bunch of cafés and restaurants that serve similar desserts, but this panna cotta by Mamma Rosy was not tiring by any means.It's true that the menu can be a little too cheesy and heavy for some people, but MammaRosy’s authenticity has helped the restaurant to rise as a favourite among youngsters and even tourists from around the world. Apart from being traditional and reasonably priced, the food is made from a Mother's love. Everybody would love to gorge on mum-made delicious food.*Nona Tukang Makan was not invited or paid by any business or individual to write this review. The opinion stated is strictly hers. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2016-03-29
42 Lihat
Food very nice. Pasta good. The Greek salad was nothing special because should have more olive which that's the characteristic of Greek salad Place nice but the bathroom disgusting and really dirty. Shows underestimation for hygiene.Service excellent. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level1 2014-02-12
166 Lihat
placed in the best place to have a culinary tour in Jakarta, Kemang! MammaRosy with their unique concept and their "homemade dish" make me curious. I love Italian food by the way.My first impresion was at their "homie" place, good to be here.The food:strange complimentary bread with mayo (used to be with butter right?), but it's ok! HAHAHA, this hunger killing me!!I skipped the appetizer and went directly to the main dish, PASTA. You can pick the dry or tagliatelle (the homemade pasta), normal or al dente. I choose PASTA VONGOLE, al dente. And I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE IIITTT. It's hard to find a delicious homemade pasta, and I already found one!Pasta Vongole is a pasta with clamps, not a creamy one. MammaRosy served it with olive oil and white wine. SOOO YUMM YUMM!And for the beverage, I choose virgin mojito.Unfortunately I don't like any dessert.Will be back soon to MammaRosy!Recommended level: 7.5/10 Lanjutkan Membaca
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