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We love Japanese food and lately we've been craving for Japanese foods lately. So we decided to have dinner at Midori Japanese Restaurant based on our friend's suggestion. It is located in Karawaci area and only about 15 minutes from Supermal Karawaci. You can easily spot Midori as it is located inside a quite big building near (maybe we can say next to) 'Taman Ubud'. Midori is on the first floor of the building, and on the second and third there are massage place (BersihSehat) and another restaurant called 'restongalam'The interior itself was just like normal Japanese restaurant. You can choose where to sit : on the tatami area, on the table (Smoking and non-smoking), or in front of the sashimi chef area. Well, the tatami sounds great, but that time there were some mosquitoes so we chose to sit on the table. It was quite hot there back then even when they've put the AC on.Chirashi Sakura, 80kYou know, lil sis is a big fan of sashimi. And finding this dish made her super happy! It consist rice, squid, octopus, tamago, sliced cucumbers, crab sticks, salmon sashimi, and tuna sashimi. The rice was sweet and it suit the sashimi and others well. The only things that were cooked on this dish were the octopus and the tamago.At first, we were discouraged to eat the squid as we had never eaten fresh un-cooked squids before. But, you know, the squids were the best! It is not fishy and super fresh. It has great texture which is somewhat squishy but not too squishy. It is just hard to be described. It was just delicious! The octopus was great too. It is tender and not too soft. The salmon and tuna sashimi were thick and delicious that we just couldn't stop munching it ;)Sashimi Moriawase 2, 60kAnd there goes the second sashimi dish we had. It consist Salmon and Tuna sashimi as you can see on the photos. And yes, the sashimi were indeed thick and fresh! It just satisfied our desired to eat sashimi <3Kijiyaki Jyu, 45kThis one is grilled chickens over rice. Well, when you see the photo on their menu book, the chickens are all over the rice. However, in fact the chickens are less than that photo. The chickens were quite bland too.Tori Soboro Roll (8 pcs), 57kSorry for the blurry photo! However, this dish was great. The sushi were quite big and consist, cucumber, tamago, some beef flakes, some flying fish roe, and some crunchy things on top. The taste was great, and that crunchy things add great texture to this dish. Worth the try!Chasoba, 45kYes! It is cooled Japanese green tea noodles that were served with soba sauce. We estimated this dish to be more tasty. However, it was quite bland as the soba sauce wasn't that tasty. Lil sis prefer Chasoba at O*hk* PIK, than this one.Unagi Goma Roll (8 pcs), 69kAs you can see, it is sushi topped with unagi. The unagi was well cooked and the flavor was great and suit the rice. We really love this dish! Must try Overall, we had great dinner with quite great ambiance. The price was quite reasonable too. And Midori is currently having 30% discount for up to 23 sushi-sashimi menu, all bento-jyu menu on this February. So why not give it a shot? Happy eating foodies!Address :Midori KarawaciKompleks Ruko Villa PermataJl. Permata Sari Blok A-13 Kav. 5-10Lippo Karawaci Tangerang 15810021 598.7150 or 598.7138Website : restoranmidori.comVisit our blog for other reviews : elsasisters.wordpress.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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