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I had been hearing a lot about MOJO before I finally could go here. My sister, who is also my partner-in-eating, had kept asking when we would visit MOJO. And finally, here we were to enjoy our brunch!By the time I entered the place, I immediately fell in love with the decoration. They were so smart in developing their design. The big windows located all over the place allowed the sunlight to enter the restaurant and made it a perfect place to capture your wonderful moments (including your foods ). Actually the venue was not that big, but the homey ambience would definitely make you want to stay longer. What a perfect place to chill with friends!Not only cozy venue, the service was pleasant as well. We were immediately greeted and offered to have a seat once we entered the restaurant. The waiters were very friendly in explaining each of their favorite dishes as well.So what’s on the table for today?Nachos (IDR 45k)I guessed picking Nachos as appetizer has never gone wrong. Especially, if your Nachos came with rich toppings, absolutely a double-happiness moment! Beautifully served with Minced Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno Relish, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole and Sour Cream; this Nachos was surely an ideal choice to start your tummy prosperity experience. You could get the completely satisfying combination of savory, cheesy, as well as refreshing taste.Classic Taco de Lengua (IDR 55k)-Taco with steak, pico de gallo, jalapeno relish, guasacaca, taco sauce, olive tomato rice, grilled scallion-Another appetizer was this taco. The portion was ideal for starter, as the size was neither too big nor too small. The toppings were quite rich as you can see, they were quite generous in giving the slices of beef. However, you’d better enjoying the dish when it was still warm as the beef was actually not that juicy. Luckily, after being mixed with the veggies and taco sauce, and wrapped with the thin dough; this dish turned to be quite lovely.Fried Chicken & Waffle (IDR 88k)-Deep-fried chicken breast served with waffle, mustard sauce, and maple syrup-One of the signature dishes of MOJO, which I believe you have seen for several times on your Instagram’s page. At first, I thought this dish was kinda weird. But then the first bite had proven the opposite. The sweet taste from waffle and maple syrup combined with the savoury taste from crispy fried chicken turned this dish to be exceptional! The portion was highly fulfilling as well as the fried chicken size was quite huge, complemented with the great size of the waffle as well. Californian Cheeseburger (IDR 65k)If I asked you to guess which part of this burger was the best one, I believed you could easily give me the answer just by looking at the picture. Yes! It was definitely that thick beef patty, which did not only look so tempting, but indeed tasted brilliant! The beef was tender, juicy, and super rich in flavor. Another part that should never be missed from a burger besides the patty was surely the cheese! The American Cheddar Cheese stuffed together with the patty has successfully come as a perfect companion for this wonderful burger. Just one thing, it would actually be even more delicious if the cheese was given in more generous portion as I loved everything cheesy . Not to forget, the lettuce also had to be there to represent the healthy part of the dish (Yeah. One of my excuses to say that this dish was healthy). Last but not least were the golden brown shoestring fries besides the burger, which I believe did not need to be further explained, since it seemed that they were always loved by everyone.Ferrero Rocher Milkshake (IDR 45k)I would not give much comment on this beverage as I chose to give ‘so-so’ rating for it. For me, it’s just like general chocolate milkshake as I did not get the Ferrero Rocher taste in it.Lychee Ice Tea (IDR 35k)One of the most mainstream beverage to order, yeah Lychee Ice tea. LOL. However, I had to admit that Mojo’s Lychee Ice Tea could be said as the quite rich one, which might actually be represented by the fairly high price. As you could see, the lychee was abundantly given and it was also completed with slices of fresh lemon, which made it become even more revitalizing!Peanut Butter Cheesecake (IDR 69k)-Cheesecake with peanut butter spread and strawberry topping-A restaurant will always leave a memorable experience for me if its dessert is distinctive. Dessert is extremely important as the last part should always be the best one. This time, MOJO has perfectly ended my brunch session. Peanut butter cheesecake, I’ve always loved this dessert as I really love every single component of it. When it was served on my table, I saw that this dish was actually different from my expectation as I thought that the peanut butter was mixed together with the cheesecake instead of being used as topping. But once again, the taste surprised me as it actually tasted just right! The cheesecake was so moist, and the salty peanut butter topping was generously given. Moreover, the additional strawberry toppings completed the dish with fresh element.Actually, there were more dishes on the menu I was really curious to try. However, my tummy couldn't handle any additional dishes anymore. From all the dishes I had, I guessed none of them was disappointed. For me, Mojo is indeed the type of restaurants which worth for repeating visit.Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby Lanjutkan Membaca
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MOJO Kitchen & Bar can be easily found because it is located near the intersection, the parking lot is pretty small, I reckon they can only accommodate around 3-4 cars, but they have valet service, so you don't have to worry.Without further ado, let's talk about the food!Creamy Vegetable Chipotle Pasta (IDR 58k)The creamy vegetable chipotle pasta consists of spaghettini pasta, mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant drenched with delicious chipotle lemon cream sauce. I love it because it was sweet, salty and sour in a good way. I have to say that the taste was pretty new for me, I never tasted pasta like this before. Nevertheless, I love the uniqueness of this pasta! Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level2 2013-06-09
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Beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya berkesempatan mencoba Mojo dalam rangka gathering openrice bersama openricers lainnya. restoran ini berlokasi di ujung jalan Senopati, tepatnya di jalan Kertanegara. Dari penataan interiornya, Mojo memilih untuk mengusung gaya rustic modern yang terlihat pada model furnitur dan dominasi kayu pada dinding dan lantai ruangan. Pada bagian depan terdapat jendela besar yang dihiasi oleh sulur tumbuhan yang tertata apik. Bagian dalamnya tidak terlalu besar, namun ditata dengan cukup baik sehingga tidak menimbulkan kesan sempit ataupun sumpek. Salah satu bagian dindingnya dihiasi oleh mural. Salah satu sisi ruangannya dilapisi oleh atap kaca dan pada bagian dalamnya terdapat sebuah bar. Tampak puluhan botol digantung di atas bar sebagai hiasan unik yang cukup eye catching.Menu yang dihadirkan Mojo terbilang cukup unik. Hidangan fusion yang dipilihnya yaitu perpaduan antara kuliner Meksiko dan Korea. Inspirasi penggabungan dua macam hidangan dengan kultur yang berbeda ini datang dari ketiga owner Mojo yang pernah mengenyam pendidikan di Los Angeles. Disana, jenis makanan yang paling digemari ialah masakan Meksiko dan Korea, oleh karena itu kemudian mereka mencoba untuk menciptakan hidangan fusion Meksiko Korea yang memang belum ada di Jakarta. Menu yang ditawarkan tidak terlalu banyak, namun banyak di antaranya yang cukup unik. Sebut saja Kim Chee Spaghetti, Foie Gras Burger, Korean Style Tacos, dan Steak ala Plancha.Deretan minumannya cukup lengkap. Mojo menyediakan berbagai macam pilihan mulai dari juice, soft drinks, mocktails, cocktails dan aneka minuman beralkohol lainnya.La Ramalas (25K)A peach, fresh lime, white sugar, sodaMinuman yang memiliki warna gradasi yang cantik ini rasanya menyegarkan, sekilas mirip dengan lime squash namun dengan sentuhan rasa manis alami peach yang juga menyegarkan. G.S.L (25K)Guava, strawberry, lemonGSl memang diambil dari nama bahan yang digunakan untuk membuat mocktail yang satu ini. Rasanya didominasi oleh manisnya jambu yang berpadu dengan asamnya lemon yang refreshing dan cacahan strawberry segar dalam minumannya.Port O Pi (25K)Fresh Ginger, lemon grass, slice of lemon, sodaMocktail ini adalah minuman favorit saya, rasanya mirip dengan ginger ale, hanya saja aroma dan rasa jahenya lebih kuat karena menggunakan jahe segar. Rasanya segar dan tidak terlalu manis dengan rasa hangat menenangkan dari jahenya. Love it!Korean Wings (35K)Gochujang Glaze, Sesame Seeds and Chilli FlakesAyamnya tidak overcooked, bagian luarnya dilapisi kulit ayam yang digoreng kering. Gochujang glazednya sungguh lezat! Citarasanya berpadu apik antara asam pedas gochujang dengan aroma wangi dari wijen. Classic Tacos (50K)Steak/Chicken/Chorizo, Pico De Gallo, Guasacaca, Jalapeno Relish, Taco SauceUntuk isian tacos pengunjung diperbolehkan untuk memilih antara steak, ayam ataupun chorizo yang merupakan semacam sosis khas meksiko. Selain itu tacos juga berisi pico de gallo (cincangan tomat, bawang putih dan paprika), jalapeno, taco sauce dan guasacaca, saus guacamole khas Venezuela yang biasanya memiliki rasa yang lebih tajam. Rasanya lezaat!Korean Style Tacos (45K)Short Ribs/Chicken/Pork Belly, Cabbage, Kim Chee, Cucumber Pickles, "KB" SauceSama seperti Classic Tacos, Korean Style Tacos juga memiliki isian yang bisa dipilih. Untuk kali ini kami mencicipi tacos yang diisi oleh short ribs. Saya suka paduan tekstur sayuran segar dan short ribsnya yang berlumur saus Korean BBQ. Favorit saya!Kim Chee Spaghetti (45K)Nori Strips, Smoked Beef, Chilli Padi Crumb and Fried Quail EggsCross culture pasta! Sekilas tampilannya tidak jauh berbeda dari spaghetti bersaus tomat lainnya, namun setelah dicicipi, ternyata rasanya sungguh lezat. Meskipun menjadi salah satu campuran bahannya, namun tidak ada rasa asam yang tajam dari kim chee, justru rasanya sedikit pedas dengan rasa asam yang samar-samar terasa. Satu lagi nilai plus hidangan ini ialah sausnya yang bisa berpadu dan meresap sempurna di pastanya. Telur puyuh goreng dan nori strips memperkuat keunikan hidangan yang satu ini.Californian Cheese Burger (55K)Menurut sang owner, keunikan menu ini terletak pada saus rahasianya. Dengan melihatnya saja memang tampilannya lebih dari cukup untuk menerbitkan air liur. Patty tebal berlumur saus dibungkus selada segar dan bun yang lembut ini ditemani oleh french fries sebagai pendampingnya. Saya suka pattynya yang tebal, juicy dan dibumbui dengan baik. Chipotle Glazed Herb Chicken - Quarter Chicken (55K)Lime Cilantro Rice, Glazed Carrots, and Char Scallions Vinaigrette Satu lagi menu andalan dari Mojo yang terbuat dari ayam yang dimasak dalam waktu yang cukup lama dengan penggunaan berbagai macam rempah-rempah. Meskipun begitu, tekstur dagingnya masih moist dan juicy. nasi lime cilantronya juga cukup[ unik, sedikit asam, namun mampu membangkitkan selera makan. Dua jempol untuk glazed carrotnya yang tasty, empuk dan bebas bau langu! MOJO Fried Rice with Duck Eggs Mata Sapi (45K)Short Ribs/Chorizo, Green Peas, Diablo Sauce, Mojo VerdeNasi goreng yang dihidangkan kali ini berisi short ribs. Saus diablo khas Meksiko ini juga merupakan pasangan yang tepat bagi daging, sehingga mampu menaikkan citarasa short ribs yang empuk dan nasi gorengnya itu sendiri. Telur bebek mata sapi dan salsa verde sengaja ditaruh pada bagian atas nasi goreng untuk memberikan tambahan citarasa dan tekstur creamy pada nasi goreng.Chipotle-pears 180G Braised Short Ribs Bone in Olive-Tomato Rice, Creamed Corn, Mojo Verde and Fried Shallots (99K)Menu yang satu ini mengingatkan saya akan bibimbap, karena cara makannya sama-sama harus diaduk dan diacampur dahulu menjadi satu baru kemudian dicicipi.Tomato rice yang agak asam dan saus ribs yang manis gurih serta jagung yang creamy benar-benar saling melengkapi. Hidangan lezat ini wajib dicoba!Jika pengunjung mencari dessert atau makanan kecil, maka churros bisa menjadi pilihan. Di samping itu, beberapa varian drunken ice cream yang dibuat sendiri oleh Mojo seperti Baileys Ice Cream atau Vodka Cranberry Ice Cream juga layak dicoba.Overall, di balik konsep Mojo yang hadir sebagai tempat 'nongkrong', saya sangat terkesan dengan hidangan-hidangan fusionnya yang unik dan lezat. Hal ini membuktikan totalitas Mojo sebagai Kitchen & Bar. Di samping itu, pelayanan yang diberikan juga cukup memuaskan. Pastinya saya sendiri masih akan kembali ke Mojo untuk mencicipi menu lainnya. Jika berencana untuk mengunjungi Mojo di akhir pekan, maka sebaiknya buatlah reservasi terlebih dahulu untuk menghindari antrian.Mojo Kitchen & BarFB : https://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/MOJO-Kitchen-Bar/433133743426855Twitter : @MOJO_JktJl. Kertanegara No. 70 Jakarta Selatan(021) 700 70529 Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level4 2013-05-26
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Restaurants that serve Mexican Food have been growing up lately. You can almost find it easily and it has started to become a trend in Jakarta. But have you imagine a Mexican food make fusion with Korean food? Well, you can find this unique combination in Mojo kitchen and bar .The idea of making this restaurant is formed when the owner, Steven Odang, lived in LA. Most of the food in LA is Korean and Mexican food. Thus, the idea of combining both of Korean and Mexican food has become appealing to the owner. I thought for the first time that Mojo was taken because the owner loves to watch Powerpuff girls and inspired by the monkey villain character Apparently I'm wrong since Mojo actually has a definition of sexual charm, maybe the owner would like to bring out our inner sexual charm from the food that the restaurant has created and serves.In front of the restaurant door, we are shown by its “hospitality” which described by “Mojo reserves the right to refuse entry to guest who are not properly attired.” Well, to look at the bright side of it, at least we won’t find any of the improper dress that we usually find in 7/11 or some shitty place.When you first step in into the restaurant, you will have the impression of simple but appealing places. Chairs and tables are dominated by wooden furniture. For the wall, it was dominated by wooden wall and blackboard that filled with pictures and illustration. Vintage feeling is strong in here, for sure. In one of the wall, there is a slogan which sounded “Eating is a part of life you should get the best” I considered it as a challenge, so without further ado; bring it on!!1. Raining on Madeira (Rp30.000)The taste of cucumber juice that dominates this drink makes us feel fresh and refreshed. This drink is mixed with Lychee juice, Lychee Syrup, a slice of lemon, sugar, and Lychee! Perfectly fitted to drink when you’re thirsty and in need of some refreshing taste.2. GSL (Rp25.000)Stand for Guava, Strawberry and Lemon, which is blended in this drink. On top of it, they put a slice of strawberry to make the appearance more appealing. The taste is good and delightful. A Ladies drink, I believe so.3. La Ramalas (Rp25.000)A peach mix with fresh sugar, white lime and soda. Not too sweet, balanced perfectly and the peach really makes the drink more appealing. I fall in love with La Ramalas!4. Port O Pi (Rp25.000)Fresh ginger mixed with lemon grass, slices of lemon and soda. Very gingerly feel and fitted for the oldies and fan of ginger drink. Old but Unique!Classic Taco (Rp50.000)We are opted to choose between Chicken / steak / Chorizo for the filling. There’s also Pico de Gallo, Guasacaca, Jalapeno relish and taco sauce in the filling. Well, it’s quite good, only to my disappointment, it came in small size,true, it was served in 2 for 1 portion, but still,..Korean Style Taco (Rp45.000)In this dish, you can feel the fusion of Mexican & Korean Cuisine. The Taco is filled with cucumber pickles, pork belly, cabbage, and Kimchi. I repeat, Kimchi !! So in this menu the outlook is taco but inside you can feel the sensation of Korean Cuisine. It tastes lovely and creamy. A Must try Taco! It’s so innovative Mojo Fried Rice (Rp45.000)Fried rice with short ribs, green peas, Diablo Sauce, Mojo Verse and soft-boiled duck egg. When I cut the egg, the yellow part meltdown through the rice which is increase my appetite. The ribs is so tender and delicious while the fried rice itself taste awesome and a must try for Fried rice lovers. If I may, I recommend this menu when you came and visit Mojo.California Cheese Burger (Rp55.000)It’s just another cheese burger with side dish of French fries. The fries taste so so while the best part in this menu will be beef. It’s thick but soft and delicious. The others are nothing special.Kimchi Spaghetti (Rp45.000)This is what we called “When East Meet West”. Spaghetti mixed with beef bacon & Chili Padi Crumb. What makes it more interesting was on the top of it they give fried quail eggs and sea weed. From all the menu they served, this menu was the best in presentation. The spaghetti seasoning taste really delicious. I was wondering, what’s happening? Why all the food in here taste really great?Korean Chicken Wings (Rp35.000) When I bought chicken wings, I got a free blackberry !! Nah, just kidding. It’s just by coincidence I took the picture next to my friend’s blackberry. The Chicken Wings mix with Gochucang Glaze Seasoning, Sesame Seed & Chili Flakes. It taste so familiar with Chitato, that I feel like eating a chicken wings poured and sprinkled with Chitato's seasonings.Chipotle Glazed Herb Chicken (Rp55.000)Lime-cilantro Rice served with glazed carrots and char scallions Vinaigrette. The chicken meat is quite tender and perfectly cooked. The taste of the chicken is very interesting to try since we can’t find it in any other restaurant. In this menu also, this is the first time for me to try Lime-cilantro Rice.Which tastes a lil bit sour--in a good way, of course.They kept their restaurant hygiene very well and the waiters are kind and helpful towards the guest in here.After all, the challenge to get the best in food which is written on Mojo’s Wall is success. Major admiration towards the restaurant covered me after eating in this restaurant. A must visit restaurant when we are around Senopati Area Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level1 2013-04-04
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Went there 2 weeks ago with 2 friends around 7.30PM after struggling through the Jakarta magnificent traffic from Sudirman to Senopati. The place wasn't so hard to find. They have minimum parking lot and the place inside is not to big too. Separate to two areas, smoking and non-smoking. Unfortunately,at that time someone had already booked the place for most likely 10-15 people in the smoking area, but the waiter still give us the table in the smoking area until 9PMSince we're not too hungry, we ordered their Korean Chicken Wings, 3 Mocktails (didn't remember the name) and Baileys Ice Cream. The waiter first showed up with our drinks which are so refreshing. Then he brought the Baileys Ice Cream, that came out in a really small glass and REALLY SMALL portion (15k). Although it tasted good, i don't think the portion worth the price. Then finally the Korean Chicken Wings showed up. there were 6pieces, so we got 2 pieces for each of us. the chicken wings was tasty and sweet with a little spicy taste. i like chicken wings, and this one got an OK from me, i still prefer the Pizza E-birra's El-Diablo.For me, this is a good place to hang out. But i think the place is too small. Their services is ok, but they still have to improve Lanjutkan Membaca
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