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If you go to Senayan City, then there’s a must visit place here, which is Pannacota ETC. The first time I tried this Panacota is back then, on my first internship time. At that moment, I don’t even know that Panacota could taste this smooth, this tender, and just really comfortable!True, I’ve fallen in love with pannacota etc since the first time I taste their Pannacota. It’s my number 1 top list for Pannacota, and I always crave more and more for the Pannacota! That’s why, when I’m around Senayan City, I spare sometime to went hereBaileys, Butterscotch - IDR 30,000 (Same price for all flavour)As usual, ordering my favorite Baileys and Butterscotch. Their Pannacota always come with separate sauce. Actually, I might say that all of the pannacota taste the same (Except if you order chocolate pannacota), and what makes the taste different is the sauce options.When I cut the panacota with this little spoon, it feels really soft! As predicted, the taste of the Pannacota never fails me. It’s heavenly sweet, tender, and melts in my mouth. Along with the creamy sauce for each Pannacota, I think I want to eat 10 more of them. LOL!I just wish that their pannacota is bigger, so I could get more satisfied in eating the pannacota.Tiramisu - IDR 35,000Ah look! There’s a new product in their store, which is Tiramisu. I tried the original one, and it taste really good. It’s super smooth, I can taste the coffee and chocolate, and also the cake texture in the bottom part. Great combination in one – super – small cup. However, I still love the pannacota more than the Tiramisu.AmbianceIt’s a very nice place if you want to hang out alone and just enjoy your time here. The location is also near this man-made small river, which makes me could just stare at the water or enjoy the watery sound there. (Melancholic, I know).ServiceThe waiter is really attentive, and helps me to make my choice *biasa, suka galau kalau soal menu makanan* In fact, I think they’re having too many waiter there, hahaha. But it’s good though, so each of the waiters can focus on the customer and they’re not overload. Lanjutkan Membaca
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Pertamanya saya tau Panna Cotta Etc sebagai tempat dessert yang menjual pannacotta. Yep, pannacotta mereka memang enak dan sangat orisinil yang disajikan dengan berbagai macam saus topping. Pertama kali buka di Pacific Place, sekarang buka di Senayan City dan menyajikan makanan berat seperti pasta, Chicken Cordon Blu dan Fish and Chips.Cappuccino (35k)Cappuccino mereka agak sedikit lebih mahal dibandingkan di beberapa coffee shop enak di Jakarta, rasanya pun biasa.Marinara Sausage Pasta (55k)Menurut saya saus marinara mereka cukup enak, dan dengan sosis German yang juga enak.Aglio Olio Tuna Pasta (49k)Pasta ini adalah salah satu menu rekomendasi mereka. Pastanya sedikit pedas, tidak kekeringan, diberi tuna di atasnya. Cukup enak.Pannacotta with Classic Salted Caramel (30k)Seperti yang tadi sudah saya bilang, pannacotta mereka memang enak. Dan ini adalah pertama kalinya saya mencoba dengan Salted Caramel. Rasanya sangat asin namun sangat gurih! Recommended!Come and taste for yourself!Instagram : @stepwibi Lanjutkan Membaca
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