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Level3 2015-07-30
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I don’t have any plan on that Saturday (Finally, the first time I can be free and lazy, like, literally!) That’s why I visit Pejaten Village near my boarding house to have lunch. I haven’t eaten Sambal for a long time – for health reason – and I really miss what it tastes like! That’s why; I go straight forward to Penyetan Cok after looking restaurants aroundPejaten. As it’s Saturday, Penyetan Cok is really crowded with a lot of people. I sit outside the restaurant, so I can get a better view and I can see the whole part of the mall. Besides, I’m alone and don’t have any companion at the moment. Food & Beverages (not include service & tax total 10%) Rempela Ati – IDR 9.5k Yeah, I love eating internal organs. You name it, usus, jeroan, anything! I think the “Ati” taste really great, but the Rempela is a bit hard to chew. It should be tender, I guess. Belut Goreng – IDR 20.5k I think it needs a lot of improvement. It tastes good, but not crunchy. I expect it to be crunchieir. Plus, they include the head of the eel, which kinda gross for me. I think it’s better not to put the eel head. Sambal Limau – IDR 5k All of the main menus in here don’t include any Sambal. So you need to order the Sambal separately. If you can’t stand a hot Sambal like me, then you should order the Sambal Limau. Sambal Limau is not really hot, and the taste is really good! I bet the rest of the Sambal taste super and hot too! Nasi Putih – IDR 5.5k I think their rice is a bit sticky and too much water in it. Es Cao – IDR 10k Wow – I love this one! It taste sweet and refreshing! A perfect companion for eating Sambal. Yes, don’t get shock, I’m eating all of these alone! This is just how I miss eating Sambal, that’s why today is my exception day to eat sambal. Ambiance: It’s a bit crowded, but I’m fine with it since the restaurant itself kinda small & I’m sitting outside the restaurant. I enjoy myself while eating those sambals and foods though! Service: The waiter is super responsive and super fast! He explains to me each menu clearly (because I’m asking), he notes my order in a blink, and I also get my order in minutes.Stay awake for another food journey!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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