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If you’re looking for a nice, super affordable place to eat dessert in Grand Indonesia, I think Petit Julien is the right choice. The location is on the lower ground, next to the supermarket and also Kinokuniya book store. This place is not big at all, and only a few seats (maybe max 20 seats?) and all arranged for 2 until 5 people per tables.I’ve known this place online, and the comments about the place is great, so many people love the waffle here, since it’s also the main menu of this place.Belgian Waffle , ChocoChip – IDR 30,000The difference between the waffle is that, the one I ordered only has 1 pieces, but it’s big and crunchy. The other type, which is Brussels (if I’m not mistaken) has 2 small pieces and very tender. So it depends on you, which one do you prefer, the warm and tender or the crunchy wafer.As a dessert lover, I must say that I really love the taste of the waffle. It’s match with the ice cream, the crumbs, and also the chocolate sauce. Super delicious and I just couldn’t stop eating it again and egain!Chocolate Mousse – IDR 20,000Here’s the better news, they’ll add 20% discounts after 7 p.m if you order this menu. I don’t know if this is still valid until now, but you might want to ask the crew there. Lumayan kan dapat diskon ? ;)So yes, the chocolate mousse will only become 16,000 !! Super great, right? It’s really creamy, a true comfort food for me. I’d like to order this one again if I’m around Grand Indonesia.ServiceThe crews there are really friendly and kind. They took our order nicely, and also make our order pretty fast. When I ask one of them for a spoon to eat the chocolate mousse while walking around the mall, she also directly give it to me with smile.AmbianceA great place for those who want to hang out alone or maybe 2 – 3 persons, more private, tetapi tidak menjebolkan kantong! It’s also a hidden location, and there’s not much noise here.--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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Let’s say hello to this newly established chocolate bliss in town! Originated from Belgium, this freshly most-wanted place for any chocolate enthusiast is just two months old. The petite outlet is located at lower ground of Grand Indonesia, to be exact in the Food Zone. Though the venue is quite small, the design has successfully made me impressed as it made me felt as if I were in a European patisserie. The waiter and waitress were so enthusiastic in greeting me and offered me their best-selling sweet tooth. They even looked very exciting when they explained the detailed ingredients of each of their cakes. And yes, they definitely made me want to order everything shown on the display. There are various choices provided, starting from chocolate-based cakes, waffles, cookies, even savoury dish like quiche.Banana Praline Cremeux on Belgian Chocolate Tart (IDR 40k)This cake was my sister’s, but as always I did try it. It was a very lovely combination of banana and chocolate. Oh, come on, what could ever go wrong when banana met chocolate? They would surely deliver you heaven on earth! The banana praline cremeux on the top part let you feel the strong banana taste on your taste bud. It was not too creamy and the taste was so refreshing. The chocolate tart at the bottom part came as the perfect base with strong chocolate taste. At first, I thought it would be quite hard to slice the crust as the texture was compact. Surprisingly, it was very easy to do so and both my sister and I really enjoyed this cake.Belgian Chocolate Mousse Bomb (IDR 30k)If you were the ones preferring cake in solid texture, you might love the previous one. However, if you fancy mousse cake more same as me, then the name of this cake would truly reflect the taste for you. It was indeed the bomb! Made of Belgian Chocolate, this rich chocolate mousse would doubtlessly satisfy any chocolate enthusiast. The sweetness and creaminess level were just right, and the chocolate glazing covering the cake made the presentation looked flawless. Based on my experience in this very first visit, I recommend any chocolate fanatic out there to try Petit Julien. Both the cakes I tried were heart-stealing and there were many more displayed, which made me drool. I would definitely come back to try each, including their waffles!Find me on:http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.comInstagram: @jessica_gaby Lanjutkan Membaca
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Level3 2014-12-23
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Petit Julien is the other name of the legendary Manneken Pis in Belgium. From that point on, I knew that their desserts must be related to Belgium and I was right. They mostly serve waffles, Belgian chocolate, also one of the most loved biscuit in Belgium, speculoos.The small café is located in Food Hall, Grand Indonesia and can accommodate about 10 people in total. It can be an ideal hang out destination with your close friends.I opted for the Sweet Vanilla with Brussels Waffle (IDR 40K). The waffle was not too crispy. It was just right. The Belgian chocolates added more sweetness to the waffle and the smooth vanilla ice cream was a sinful temptation.I visited the café with Shabrina from Zomato. She opted for the Crunchy Speculoos with Brussels Waffle (IDR 40K). The waffle was as nice as mine. The only difference was they used more chocolates on mine whereas here they used lots of speculoos powder. Hence, it had a lovely cinnamon smell.I think it was worth the calories as the waffles were truly delicious. Visit Petit Julien and try their amazing waffles! Lanjutkan Membaca
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