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After success with Warung Nagih and Pasta Nagih, two casual eateries with street food concept. PT. Nagih Jaya Food has embarked on the new venture – Pizza Nagih. Located in Kemang area, this newborn eatery is such a divergence from its maiden venture in Mampang. Although the concept was more for takeaway and delivery service they also cater for dine-in.With a bright and attention grabber signage, we can’t help but be intrigued by this little and vibrant eatery that stands in stark contrast to its surroundings. The pop art element dominated the restaurant, and when I entered the room it felt like I had been transported back to the 50’s. Although with seats just enough for about 20 people, the glass windows and open kitchen counters make the room feel bright and spacious.Printed on the menu pages hackneyed fare with the uncommon name like traffic light, cheese wars, and everybody love meatza. Which make Pizza Nagih differs from another pizza shop is they offering sweet pizza, and you can choose sauce and toppings as you like and assemble your own pizza.Not much options for the appetiser and we didn’t order any. But I saw the table across us ordered calzone (IDR 19K) it looks pretty decent and the portion is enough to feed one person as a stand-alone meal or share for 2-3 person as an appetiser. For the savoury pizza, they have 5 choices with price range start from IDR 59k – 139k.Cheese Wars (IDR 99K for a large pizza) though the name of this pizza is very cheesy, but they just use a standard cheese like, mozzarella, cheddar and yellow cheddar cheese, and house-made white sauce – which I assume pretty similar with béchamel sauce.Everybody Love Meatza (IDR 69K for medium pizza) – tomato sauce, beef bacon, smoke beef, beef scramble, finely chopped parsley, and topped with stringy mozzarella cheese. I like their pizza crust, it soft and slightly chewy and quite filling.Of course, our pizza adventure wouldn’t be complete without sweet pizza. The sauce offerings are scarce, with only silverqueen, nutella and toblerone. Whereas for the topping they have variety options like marshmallow, M&M’s, banana and almond. I’m usually ambivalent about sweet pizza but the combination of sweet nutella sauce, crunchy crushed oreo, and salty cheddar cheese it quite enjoyable.Although the menu options is scarce but their unique and vibrant interior make this pizza joint worth to visit. If you curious just check my  Lanjutkan Membaca
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