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Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00
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We found a new restaurant with speciality of indonesian cuisine, Tawangmangu Terrace. It just located at Batik Semar building, Tomang. Really love their new concept of the building, it's semi modern while stil maintaining the vintage value in it. FYI, Tawangmangu is a place located at Central Java with their most popular tourism place : Sewu mountain, it just one hour from Solo. We assumed this restaurant will be more focus on Javanese food.This building divided into 3 floors, on the first floor for Batik Semar, second floor is Tawangmangu terrace and the third floor they have sky lounge, an outdoor plus indoor area can be use for occasion such as party or wedding here. Love the whole interior building including the resto. All in white for the wall plus wooden furnitures and lil bit touch of Indonesian ornament on the wall. Love the ambience, it feels so homey and we can see the floortile still maintaining the old vintage one, remind me of my old house while still kiddo. Here's our review :Sate Ayam (35K)- Chicken satay served with peanut sauce. It taste good, tender meat and good sauce to make it balance. Worth to try this one Sate Lilit (45K)- Grilles minced fish with spices and herbs in lemongrass stick. Regretfully this one really bad, hard texture, hard to chew, 'keset' while we eat it. The portion too small: only 2 pieces. Hopefully can make it softer next time.Tahu Pong Semarang (24K)- Crispy fried tofu served with pickled turnips and shrimp paste sauce. Crispy for the outer part and soft inside. Love the saltiness while eat it plus the sauce simply delicious. Yummy Nasi Goreng Kemangi (20K)- Stir fried with basil leaf. Love the presentation for this one, like mini 'tumpeng' but it's too plain not even kerupuk there. Indonesian identical with kerupuk for nasi goreng. The taste not too strong lil bit plain. Not too good.Sup Merah (25K)- Traditional solo chicken red soup with tomatoes and carrots. It taste quite good, lil savory and just hit the perfect level for the taste. Love this healthy food.Jus Manahan (26K)- Mix of apple, carrot, pear and mango. Simply refreshing while we need a good mood to boost our appetite. Recommended.Overall, the food taste quite good and love the ambience of the place because we love to see vintage bulding. Friendly and responsive service. The price very affordable. Should give a chance to visit this place Craved!Urban CulinaireInstagram: @urban_culinaire Lanjutkan Membaca
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