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I first know about Seven To 7 is from my friend. Often passing through this restaurant, but always hesitate to try it. But luckily, my hesitate don't take too long. Entering the not too spacious restaurant that dominate with red and wooden feel pretty convy. Seven To 7 placed in Lower Ground Sampoerna Strategic Building. Actually this is the 2nd branch of SevenTo7. Their 1st branch is in Pantai Indak Kapuk. Me and several friends took place in a nice long sofa. What I like about this restaurant
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I first know about Seven To 7 is from my friend. Often passing through this restaurant, but always hesitate to try it. But luckily, my hesitate don't take too long. Entering the not too spacious restaurant that dominate with red and wooden feel pretty convy. Seven To 7 placed in Lower Ground Sampoerna Strategic Building. Actually this is the 2nd branch of SevenTo7. Their 1st branch is in Pantai Indak Kapuk. Me and several friends took place in a nice long sofa. What I like about this restaurant is that they separate the smoking area and the non-smoking area. So everybody can feel happy to sit wherever they want. First step in to SevenTo7, you can see Meat display like in Meat Store. Yes you can choose your own meat before it cook.
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First branch Seven To 7 actually is in Pantai Indah Kapuk. It all begin with a simple idea from 4 fabulous Momma, Martha, Lina, Tris and Pifitri who had difficulties in finding great and healthy meat for their family in their area. From that problem, finally in December 2009 they opened their 1st Meat Store in Pantai Indah Kapuk. From the succeed Meat Store business, they expand their Meat Store to a restaurant with a simple recipe. This idea also came out with a simple thought. Often, their customer asked them how to cook the meat. Since they have some simple recipe, they finally in March 2010 they really expand their business from Meat Shop only to Restaurant, with Mrs Lina as a Chef.
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If usually most of restaurants frozen their meat not with SevenTo7. Instead of frozen their Meat they prefer to Chillin' it into -4°C. the chillin meat more give juiciness texture than in frozen one. And many Chef recommended this idea.

SevenTo7 it self has meaning their opening hours, from 7am to 7pm. Since they develop their business into a restaurant, of course the operational hours must be adapted with Dining time.

SevenTo7 have so many variants of beverages. From juice, mocktails, coffee, Ice blended you named it. Looks like SevenTo7 really try to fulfill what their customer likes.
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Orange and Guava Juice - IDR 25.700
Another freshening juice. Guava mix with orange is so good. Taste a bit sour, but still tasty.

Orange and Strawberry Juice - IDR 25.700
I ordered this one. I like everything not too sweet. And this mix juice succeed fulfill my expectation. A very freshening strawberry and orange juice. Both fruit dominate the taste.

Creamy Strawberry blended. Strawberry dominate the taste and luckily not the milk. The texture also great not too thick or too watery. Topped with whipped cream, strawberry chunk, oreo and wafer stick.

Ice Mocha Blended - IDR 29.700
From the appearance, at 1st I thought this is some chocolate ice or something. The color is similar. But when I taste it, It's a mocha blended. Consist of coffee, milk and chocolate. I like this one too. Not too milky.

Italian Soda Lychee - IDR 29.700
Soda mix with Lychee syrup and lychee fruit. I love this also. The lychee taste really pop out. Really freshening.

Italian Soda Peach - IDR 29.700
Similar like Italian Soda Lychee. Only the fruit make it different. I think this peach Italian Soda a bit bland than the Lychee one. I don't know because too much Ice, or lack of Peach Syrup.

Hot Chocolate - IDR 22.700
What could be more better than a hot chocolate in this rainy day. The chocolate taste is just right. Tasteful 'til the last sip...


Our dinner begin soup and salad. My expectation is their soup salad would be similar like in other restaurant. But when it comes...
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Mushroom Soup (served with Toasts) - IDR 22.700
Creamy Soup made from fresh Mushroom.
I love the smell. They use Champignon for the mushroom. Taste really rich with a bit mushroom chunk in it. This soup is also of of customer favorite. Even there are several customers that come to their restaurant specially for this soup and not hesitate when the soup not available. The owner had a difficulties in getting the mushroom a times ago. No wonder this soup had become favorite soup. the taste is great. Comfort food ever.

Mix Salad - IDR 22,700
A plate of Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Paprika, Corn Kernel with a choice of Balsamic Dressing or Honey Mustard.
Choose Honey Mustard if you want your salad taste a bit sweet and sour. The sweet come from the honey and the sour come from mustard. When it blend together, it become freshening.
Choose Balsamic Dressing if you want your salad taste a bit light. The acidity come from vinegar. It makes the veggies taste great.
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Mix Sausage is a 3 different varieties of sausages for your choice of chicken or beef.
At this time we had beef Bockwurst and Cocktail I like the cocktail better. The taste and the smell more smokey than t he Bockwurst. It also more rich flavor, the herbs is so tasteful and smell good. While the bockwurst taste less herbs and not smokey. But it's good too.

Burger Patties A La Seven to 7 - IDR 52.700
Miinced Meat Patty served with Mashed Potato and Salad.
Patty made from Beef Knuckles. The texture is really tender and smooth. On the other hand, the mashed potato taste bland and the texture not too smooth. Luckily the sauce balance it all. So, at the end the taste quite good.
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Grilled snapper steak with tartar sauce, complimented with: a bowl of soup, salad with honey mustard or balsamic dressing, potato (french fries or mashed potato or baked potato)
A very tender snapper steak. Well seasoning and not smell fishy.

Grilled Chicken Steak taste is decent. Marinated well and the texture is tender.


SevenTo7 provide 3 kind of sauce that you can choose to accompany you eating your steak. They are Blackpepper, Mushroom and Barbeque. Each sauce have it specialty. Blackpepper a bit spicy, Barbeque a bit sour and spicy while mushroom is creamy sauce with mushroom chunk in it.
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Lamb Chop – coming soon
Lucky me, to have a change to taste this up Coming Lamb Chop. I don't know because this Lamb Chop take too long to take a photo-shoot, the lamb texture become a bit chewy and a bit lost it juiciness. But this lamb chop really seasoned well. I paired this lamb chop with blackpepper sauce.
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Matsuzaka Beef - IDR 317.700 / 100gr
Matsusaka beef is black-haired wagyū (Japanese beef). also known as Kuroge Washu or “Japanese Black”, the cattle come from the Matsusaka region of Mie, Japan. It is one of the most famous beef types within Japan and internationally, with a high fat-to-meat ratio.

Matsuzaka Beef is a very juicy steak. It straight melt in your mouth. It come with medium well to get a perfection. This Matsuzaka is SevenTo7 Signature dish and the most expensive one. I paired it with mushroom sauce.

Organic Beef Tenderloin - IDR 51.700/ 100gr
The organic beef cattle are raise free from the use of synthetic hormonal growth promoters and antibiotics. It is assured that the organic chain remains intact and the diet consists of certified organic feeds and forages that have been produced under agricultural systems that exclude the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Thus, it is a chemical free meat.
A bit chewy, but still have it juiciness. The meat pretty thick. it match with all sauce.

There are 3 choice of Meat from Organic Beef:
IDR 35,700/100gr Sirloin
IDR 38,700/100gr Rib Eye
IDR 51,700/100gr Tenderloin
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Wagyu Grade 6 Sirloin - IDR 107.700 / 100gr
Another juicy beef from Wagyu klan. It come with medium well, and the herbs blend well with the beef. In some country, usually they marinated the wagyu with beer or wine. even in Japan, they give the beef with sake to make it more juicy. But SevenTo7 only serve "HALAL" product. So no worries...

There are several Wagyu based on grade that serve in SevenTo7:
Grade 4
IDR 82,700/100gr Sirloin
IDR 96,700/100gr Rib Eye
IDR 123,700/100gr Tenderloin
Grade 6
IDR 107,000/100gr Sirloin
IDR 125,700/100gr Rib Eye
IDR 157,700/100gr Tenderloin
Grade 9
IDR 159,700/100gr Sirloin
IDR 161,700/100gr Rib Eye
IDR 195,700/100gr Tenderloin

US Angus Rib eye 300 days - IDR 75,700/100gr
The tenderness is similar like Wagyu Grade 4. Eventhough it's cheaper than Wagyu, but don't underestimate about the quality. With medium well, the meat taste so juicy.


After full of meat, there always still a place for dessert...
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Mango Pudding - IDR 12.700
Fresh pudding that derives from exotic fruit: Mango.
But, unfortunately, i didn't taste any mango. the mango not too dominated the pudding. So I think the taste a bit bland.

Brownies with fresh mango / strawberry fruit and vanilla ice cream.
A smooth brownies, not too sweet, which I like. Pour with Tia Maria Rum. Which is Jamaican Rum and Coffee. Make this brownies more rich in flavor. The mango add more freshness.

Finally comes to an end. Full tummy with so many good food. Such a great hospitality from SevenTo7.

Also... thanks a bunch to MixMax also for a great Goodie Bag. You MixMax tast great. complete my day....

Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower Building LG # 17
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45-46
Jakarta 12930
Phone: 021-57902655
twitter: @Sevento7cafe
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