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Have you ever dined in on the rooftop of a house or a building? If yes, then imagine that the rooftop you are dining in, is located on the 56th floor. Then again, imagine about all the view you can see on that floor, all the city view from atop. Imagine again, seeing all the city view at night. Seeing all the light from skyscrapers, houses, malls, and vehicles on the street. Sounded great ha? Yes! If only you booked all the room for yourself and your friends! Cause you know what? I’ve been to th
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Have you ever dined in on the rooftop of a house or a building? If yes, then imagine that the rooftop you are dining in, is located on the 56th floor. Then again, imagine about all the view you can see on that floor, all the city view from atop. Imagine again, seeing all the city view at night. Seeing all the light from skyscrapers, houses, malls, and vehicles on the street. Sounded great ha? Yes! If only you booked all the room for yourself and your friends! Cause you know what? I’ve been to this happening place, which people were raving about. It’s called Skye, and honestly after hearing all the fuzz, I was tempted. Okay, I’ll be honest. I was drooling over myself… (–,)

So, I promised myself to try it one day. And just a few days ago, my good friends were having a sudden plan to visit Skye together. Oh, FYI, there are 9 of us (they’re foodbloggers as well) who always chatted on WhatsApp (non-stop, believe me!) and we were planning to gather again here since all of us had the same interest with this happening place. So, since it’s a sudden plan, we ended up going there last Saturday. In total, there were 12 of us, 9 original members, Lina Martana, Vina, Tikka, Yuli, Verdi, Novi, Buby,and a newcomer, Megah!
and 3 others, Vina’s boyfriend, Apo, Megah’s boyfriend, Lucky, and Novi’s Cousin, Vita. And you know what, we became the crazy twelve musketeers! *click their name to get to their blogs*

Okay, we went to Skye at approximately 4 in the late afternoon, which is located on the 56th Floor, Menara BCA. There are 2 alternative to reach Skye. First, a direct route, you can just take the lift from Menara BCA. The second, kind of like a transit. So, from Grand Indonesia, you will have to find Gramedia on the 3rd Floor, and go inside. Walk straight to the end of the area, and you’ll see an empty area, with two securities (occasionally) standing there and sort of welcome you. Then you will be led to the lift, and voila! In no time, you will reach the 56th Floor.

Once the elevator’s door is open, you will feel a different type of atmosphere, similar to the entrance of a club or something.

Anyway, we were greeted by a couple of ladies first, asking whether we had made a reservation. Well, before coming here, we had made a few research about the rules. For the lounge, reservation won’t be a must, we are allowed to just walk in. But for the restaurant, reservation is strongly recommended, especially at the weekend.

Since we were just going to enjoy our evening in the Lounge area, we should head the left area, then we were asked to show our ID to assure that our ages are not below 19. Probably because one of our friend looked very young (plus, kinda skinny and short ;D). Then, since I was planning to capture our great moment of togetherness, I brought an SLR. But apparently, a professional Camera isn’t allowed here unless you have made an arrangement with them beforehand. So, my professional Camera suddenly isn’t that “professional” here. It’s not more than a heavy junk there. Poor me.

Just FYI, T-shirt, slippers for men are prohibited. Fashionable is the key. I’m glad I didn’t wear T-Shirt though, since I almost did. Buby’s boyfriend couldn’t get inside since he wore a T-Shirt.

Well, let’s just go straight forward.

After we picked our seats, which were by the pool outside, the menu books were given. For about 7 people (another 4 of my friends were on their way here) they only gave us about 2 sets of menu. Talking about generosity! It took us almost 20 minutes just to find what we wanted to order.

There are two area in the lounge, the indoor and the outdoor. The indoor has limited sofa seats, and the outdoor are quite nice with several types of seat. The outdoor is a good choice if you come at night, watching the starry sky or city view, and feel the breeze. Or if you like to sunbath in the afternoon heat. While for the indoor, it’s quite comfortable. There’s a sort of bar there with wooden paneling and stuff. The indoor looks more appealing at evening than in the afternoon.
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In the Lounge, you can only enjoy food from Bistro section, Desserts, and Drinks. Prices vary from IDR 65 k – 145 k for Bistro, IDR 40 k – 120 k for Desserts, and IDR 30 k to millions (alcohol). So, we ordered drinks and desserts. Since the waiter who served us was new (trainee), He was friendly and polite, but he didn’t really know much about the products they offer. So, I asked a senior waiter who passed by, he knew quite well, but the thing is, he had a pretty obnoxious attitude, which of course a “favourite” trait for a waiter (if you know what I mean). So, the trainee was still much preferable.

Anyway, here were our drinks and desserts. I couldn't provide all photos since there are only 8 slots for photos here. So, I just picked the nicest looking ones.


~ Cranberry, Pecan, Chocolate, and Carrot Cake with Goat Cheese Frosting and Carrot Ice Cream ~

Price: IDR 50 k

This is what I ordered. I heard it directly from my friend who had come here before, that this Carrot Cake is really good. And of course I wouldn’t want to miss it. When it was served, the appearance was great! It’s kinda cute, and the slice of the carrot cake wasn’t as small as I imagined. So I was happy. The taste of this carrot cake was indeed, really good. The carrot cake was really scrumptious, with rich flavours from the chocolate, pecan and cranberry. I couldn’t taste the carrot flavour though. The texture was dry-ish but smooth. It’s easily crumbled. The Carrot Ice Cream was a good compliment too! The best part of this dish was the goat cheese frosting which was really really good. It’s the best of all desserts I’ve tried there. And I was happy to have ordered this.
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~ Salted Caramel Tart with Chocolate Rum and Raisin Ice Cream ~

Price: IDR 45 k

A slice of Tart with Salted Caramel, served with chocolate rum and raisin ice cream (the name of the dish is the description of the menu as well). I tasted a bit of this, and it tasted good, a mixed of sweet and salty flavour with soft, smooth texture at top and solid tart as the bottom layer. It’s an instant favourite. I didn’t try the ice cream though.
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~ Pumpkin Cheesecake with Pumpkin Seed Brittle and Ginger Beer Sorbet ~

Price: IDR 40 k

Cheesecake! Yap, but a different kind of cheesecake. It’s quite unique though. The appearance was pretty nice, and once you get a bite of it, you can taste the light flavour of cheese. It’s pretty good.
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~ Lemon and Almond Pudding with Caramel Popcorn and Green Tea Ice Cream ~

Price: IDR 45 k

I tried a bit of this dish too, and apparently, it’s the worst dessert of the day. My friends agreed too! And plus, the appearance isn’t that inviting too honestly.

~ “Whitey” – White Chocolate, Macadamia and Cherry Sandwiched with Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream ~

Price: IDR 65 k

Based on its appearance, we have an alias for this dish. Fallen Cake! *our big time joke!* Yes, it looked abstract. Only the talented could understand! But fortunately, the taste wasn’t half as bad. If you love chocolate, you will like it. ;)

~ Bread and Butter Pudding with Whiskey and Maple Ice Cream ~

Price: IDR 50 k

Like the name, it’s Bread and Butter Pudding with a scoop of ice cream on top. I didn’t try this dessert. But from what I heard, some said it’s good, some said it’s not good. So, I just have no idea.

~ Baklava with Pineapple Sorbet ~

Price: IDR 50 k

Baklava is actually a Turkish dish, mostly made from layers of filo pastry with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or something similar. It wasn’t that far off though here. I didn’t bother to try since I found the appearance quite dull. according to those who tried it, it’s only an okay.


~ Campfire Cold Chocolate ~

Price: IDR 45 k

This was my drink. Since I love chocolate, I decided to go classic with chocolate. They have 3 choices of chocolate. Mint Chocolate, Mexican Chocolate, and Campfire Chocolate (all choices can be served cold/hot). I initially wanted to have the Mexican Chocolate which according to the senior waiter, it has cream mixed inside. But apparently, the Mexican Cold Chocolate was out of stock. So, I moved on and ordered the Campfire Cold Chocolate. It turned out after waiting for about 25 minutes, it was served hot. Then I asked for the waiter to make it cold. Then for another 15 minutes, it was finally served right with beautiful whipped cream on top, and a couple of roasted marshmallows. No wonder, it’s called Campfire Chocolate after all. ;) As the result, it’s amazing. Love the rich chocolate, and sweet whipped cream on top. The roasted marshmallows were very nice too, with fluffy texture. A recommended drink for those who love chocolate.
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~ Forget Me Not ~

Price: IDR 45 k

A unforgettable blend of lime, apple and raspberry. One of the most famous drink here, probably because of the name. I love the name too.
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~ The Dragon Tattoo ~

Price: IDR 45 k

A mix of dragonfruit, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream Smoothie. The colour was gorgeous.
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~ Purple Haze ~

Price: IDR 45 k

A mix of blueberries, lychees, vanilla ice cream and milk Smoothie.

~ Green Hornet ~

Price: IDR 45 k

A mix of kiwi, apple, and passion fruit with vanilla ice cream Smoothie. It looked very good, but I didn’t try this at all.

~ Bolivian Snow ~

Price: 45 k

A mountain of decadent oreos, hazelnut, milk and whipped cream. Creamy!

~ Cheech and Chong ~

Price: IDR 45 k

A combination of smoky apple, olive and lime drink with bubbles.

Well, those were all we had. We spent about 2 hours here, watching the place getting all packed with people as the sun set. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I found this place wasn’t as good as I imagined it would be. My drink and dessert were fine, and the view was okay. But the service was bad in some part. Some senior waiters were way too unfriendly, while the trainee was nice. Another senior waitress was nice too. Security Officers were arrogant. Something might be wrong with the gentlemen there. Who knows.

In addition, the place wasn’t so romantic anymore since it was getting so crowded at about 6 in the evening and it was more like a market rather than an exclusive lounge.

That’s it. The price we paid wasn’t worth the “thing” we got. There are other places with lower prices and (much) better services around Jakarta I’m sure. I think for a place like this, a better service is compulsory. After all, the service charge is 10% here. And in addition, I have a question for restaurants that prohibit professional camera to be used inside. For this post, I have to use all the pictures from my iPhone.

This is my review for Skye, with all sincere honesty in it. I wrote everything in my own personal opinion, and I’m glad I could compliment the dish and drink I had, as well as give input about the service here.

I might be back here, but I might not too.

So, have FoodVenturers visited this place?

Skye Lounge & Restaurant
Menara BCA – Level 56, Jakarta, Indonesia
Facebook: Skye
Twitter: @Skye_56

Opening Hours:
Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 1:00 am
Fri – Sat: 10:00 am – 2:00 am
Sun: 10:00 am – 1:00 am

For Reservation

Mobile +6281316473560


021- 2358 6996
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