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Level4 2012-08-24
74 Lihat
Hi !This is the second day of Batam Culinary Journey , today my driver in Batam , Mr.Yono told me some great venue in Batam and he said there's one resort and restaurant where you can see singapore from this area hoho, in the morning I directly went there by car , in 45 minutes trip finaly I got there, and from the far away we can see a big statue of Kwan Im , she's a chinese goddess , just like bunda maria for katholik hehe, it was a great scene here.The statue is recoreded in MURI as the tallest Kwan Im Statue on South East Asia,one of greatest thing here, wait that just and into, the surprise still continue, and now after we parked our car , we got into the restaurant, and guess what?The view of the Restaurant is Singapore !!! seriously you can see some part of singapore, and you can see Marina Bay clearly from here, but in the pict not so clear, you had to see it by yourself, this is great , i'm speechless now, and the restaurant also surrounded by water , feel so relaxing, the breeze really made my day , it's a lil sunny here, hot and warm, but still friendly atmosphere.The dining area is so wide and of course located on the seaside, a lot of sand under our dining area, you can hear a wave here, and also great view of the ocean, in this restaurants you can do fishing activity too and it's free hehe, yaa just buy a drink it's okay too hehe, and here I take a look for a while and enjoy the scenary here, great. For the service, a little slow but because of the great scenary , I didn't feel waiting here hehe, and finally my menu has came out !! yuhuuu~>>Ifu MiePrice : IDR 35.000They has many variety of food , there's asian cuisine, indonesian cuisine and also western cuisine ,one of my order is ifu mie, this is chinese cuisine, contains a noodle which is deep fried until cripsy , so the noodles not boiled but fried ,and then it poured with a lumpy sauce, salty and taste good, and seafood on top,. there's a cut of fresh prawn , squid , fishball and also lot of vegetables, like carrot , cabbage and also mushroom, they're combine great , the texture is all perfect , fresh, nothing fishy here, great !!>>Seafood Fried RicePrice : IDR 35.000next menu is seafood fried rice, great too, good in presentation, formed with bowl , so looked nice , and top of it there's fried egg and with vegetables garnish and also prawn crackers , yum yum yum . Taste great !! the fried rice here is like hongkong fried rice, without sweet soya sauce, just salty one, so it comes with soft colour, the fried rice contain a fresh prawn, corn, carrot and also snaps, great , oh don't forget the scramble eggs in the rice hehe, taste good, salty and yummy , you have to try it when you get here!! welldone :9>>Tropical PunchPrice : IDR 25.000here's my drink , so fresh !! this is a punch which made from mango , pineapple, and also orange , yaa maybe the colour is just same, so the combination of the colour just orange and yellow , good too, and the taste is the perfect combination of sweet and sour , they got the sweet from mango and sour from the orange and pineapple, and garnished with cherry , the punch is more like blended drink, the ice has blended with the fruit and make it so smooth , feel so relax to drink it !I really enjoy this place, from the location, sight-seeing, atmosphere and everything here , the food is great too, and all comes with reasonable price too, great lunch here !Cheers,Verdi13thKTM Resort & RestaurantJl. Kolonel SoegionoTg. Pinggir - SekupangBatamTel: +62 (778) 321201, 322944, 323700Fax: +62 (778) 322883 Lanjutkan Membaca
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