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Primarasa could be said as a family restaurant, because you’ll mostly eat here with your family. Lots of people love to eat in Primarasa because they always have discounts! Plus, if there’s a credit card promotion, then they’ll add more discounts into your bill. Interesting, right?Not a long ago, I got a chance to dine in Primarasa with my family. We always order our favorite menus from Primarasa, and here they are:Ayam Bakar 1 ekor – IDR 42,000As the full name implies, which is Ayam Bakar Primarasa, one of the menu that you must try here is the Ayam Bakar or the Grilled Chicken. The chicken meat is super tender, and it’s coated with black gravy – I think it’s from ketchup and many other seasoning. You could enjoy it with some crumbs, plus a special sambal for the grilled chicken. Finger licking good!Ayam Penyet Dada – IDR 13,000For those who doesn’t like Grilled Chicken, then ordering a traditional Javanese dish like Ayam Penyet might be a great choice. It’s served with chilli sauce, and you could request whether you want to make it hot or not.Udang Mayonaisse – IDR 43,000Not only tasty on the chicken meat, but also tasty on seafood. One of my fave dish here is the Mayonaisse Prawn. They’ll give you lots of mayo sauce on top, and the prawn taste crispy on the outside, tender in inside. Super yummy! You could just eat this one without rice.Pepes Bandeng Tanpa Duri Pedas – IDR 47,000Actually, at that time we want to order Bandeng Bakar, however it is out of stock. That’s why we changed it with Pepes Bandeng. Turns out not bad and taste great! However, I personally think they add too much “Daun Kemangi” so it’s dominating the flavor. But my mom and her sister love this one. They also got the frozen Pepes Bandeng, in case you want to take it home.Cah Kangkung Hot Plate – IDR 16,000Don’t forget to order vegetables! If you want to play safe just like me, then Kangkung will be a perfect options. You could never gone wrong with it, could you? It’s seasoned with garlics and taste good, balancing the whole dish.Sambal Terong – IDR 10,000My dad really loves Terong, that’s why he ordered this one. Basically, the sambal will taste the same. The difference only they add some eggplants into it.Sambal Mangga Muda – IDR 10,000This is my mom and I fave sambal. Taste a bit sour, but it can raise your appetite into the maximum level!ServiceIt’s kinda crowded that day, that’s why the waiter seems a bit “lost” and tired. She don’t smile and she even didn’t repeat our order and just walk away like that.AmbiancePeople are very busy enjoying their meal and their time with their families. You could hear lots of chatter from your seat,just like any ordinary restaurant.Stay awake for another food journey!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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