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(021) 5683779
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Mon.-Sun. 11:30-15:00 - 18:00-22:00
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Located on Jl. Kartini No. 69, Confit can be considered as a fine - dining restaurant in the middle of Surabaya city.It’s best to go here at dinner time with your love ones, however, your food picture might not be good.Therefore, first I’d like to say sorry if the food picture is not as appealing as usual, because it’s only using an ordinary camera phone. Apologies, taking the picture with a limited-phone camera, hahaha!FOODAPPETIZERsEscargot - IDR 40,000One of my favorite appetizers, escargot. Easy to chew, really savory, and perfect for sharing. Taste good and because it’s not served with the shell, you could eat it easily with just a fork.Salmon & Scallop - IDR 40,000Just who on earth doesn’t love the tenderness of salmon combined with scallop? There are also some potato chips as the condiments that you could enjoy with.MAIN COURSEsFish of The Day - IDR 110,000The fish is perfectly cook. It’s somehow juicy, crispy outside and also tender at the same time. There’s also some potato and salads to refresh your appetite.My Burger - IDR 120,000Burger and french fries is an all day long courses! You could happily eat a burger even at dinner. Besides, the meat is so easy to chew and I love the gravy sauce.DESSERTsChocolate Dome - IDR 40,000Basically a chocolate Icecream served with some whip cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate dust, I think it will be a memorable dessert to end your day ;)Chocolate Lava - IDR 35,000Everybody love the melting chocolate lava that burst out from the chocolate cake, especially me! To complete the lava cake, there’s also a vanilla ice cream. A very recommended dessert!BEVERAGESLongan Carm - IDR 38,000A refreshing drink to enjoy a delicious food is always a great choice. With the fresh longan inside, you could digest all the yummy food easily.Lychee Twist - IDR 38,000Almost the same with the Longan Carm, Lychee Twist is also a great choice because it’s refreshing and using the fresh fruits.THE SERVICEAs it’s a fine dining restaurant, all the waiters are super attentive and help us to choose the menus.THE AMBIANCEI could say that Confit offers you an elegant, spacious space for dinner, especially with your loved ones or families.--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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