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If you’re strolling around Tunjungan Plaza and you’re searching a good place to have a sit and have finger foods, for example French fries together with friends or even girl / boyfriends, then I think each a cup could be one of your choices. Besides, I think almost all the French fries stall around the food court closed, I don’t know why.Not only selling French fries, but they also offer other snacks and drink varieties. It’s super affordable, and you could get a place to sit and relax your foot – before getting ready to shop til die again!Seasoning Fries – IDR 15,000Seasoning fries means that you won’t get that plain French fries. The French fries itself is already coated with some seasons, so it already has a great flavor. Then, it’ll be mixed again with barbeque, cheese, and other flavors. The final touch is the mayo and chilli sauce! The portion is not big, but enough for a good finger foods.Roasted Pearl Milk Tea – IDR 22,000A nice drink to pair with French fries is a cold milk tea with bubble! I really love to drink bubble drink since I could hunt their bubble with my straw (if you know what I mean.. haha!) Taste a bit bitter, because this one is roasted. But still taste good and refreshing.P.S : The price include tax, so you don’t need to pay tax anymore *HORRAY!!The place of Each a Cup is big, and there are always a customer go to this place, just to have a take away drink or take away French fries. I think their place is also strategic, since it’s located near the food court and in front of them is Cinema XXI. Lots of people passing by around here.ServiceA great service indeed. Even though the waiter doesn’t look professional, but she’s super kind and willing to explain each menu to us. My waiter was a short hair, tomboy girl, but she’s very workaholic, I think. She works really fast!AmbianceDon’t expect a very great, comfortable seats like sofa, because you won’t get it here. You’ll only sit in a plastic chair, with a very minimum personal space. If you’re having a serious talk with your colleagues or friends, then this place is not the right choice, because everyone could hear you talking.Stay awake for another food journey!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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