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Level3 2016-02-15
226 Lihat
Hoomee is a small cafe located within walking distance to UNAIR, so it's obvious that they're targeting college students and they try to attract them by offering wallet-friendly cafe food.The food here is considered cheap, some are even cheaper than the drinkGlass jar is used as the table number sign. They should've put something inside the jar as a compliment haha, don't you all agree?Hot Hazelnut Latte - IDR19,000It looks pale with decent latte art. The hazelnut flavor needs to be stronger as we could barely taste the hazelnut.Rating: 6/10Frappe Green Tea - IDR22,000The green tea latte comes in two variants: coffee and non-coffee. I chose the latter and I must admit, I enjoyed it. The green tea flavor is bold but not overpowering.Rating: 8/10Spaghetti Aglio Olio - IDR20,000It's such a tiny portion, but you can't really complain for IDR20,000. Speaking about how it tastes, it's mediocre.Rating: 6/10Fish & Chips - IDR25,000Fortunately their fish and chips fared better. My first impression upon seeing the plate was that the fish looked like those street-food fritters. Despite its look, taste wise it wasn't bad. The meat is tender and the batter is crispy. I like the lightly-salted fries too. The sauce tasted weird for me, I didn't touch it after the first dip.Rating: 7/10VerdictOverall, it's not a very impressive experience. The food and drink have a lot areas to improve on. The ambiance wasn't very relaxing as well, as we sat next to a long table with a bunch of youngsters talking really loudly. Plus, it's still hot even with aircon inside. Coming back? Err, there are still numbers of cafe out there waiting for my visit... Lanjutkan Membaca
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