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If you’re going to Surabaya, then the number one place that you should visit is Pasar Atum. Why is that so? Because Pasar Atum is the home of the greatest snacks, cooks, and even traditional food of Surabaya. You could find lots of Surabayanese - Chinese food here. One of my favourite stall in Pasar Atum is Kartika Jajan Pasar. They have 2 main areas here in Pasar Atum.The first one is in the old Pasar Atum ( Pasar Atum Lama), on the 3rd Floor, so you’ll need to hop on the escalator twice. The second one is located also on the 3rd floor, near a Bakery and shoes shop, in the new pasar Atum ( Pasar Atum Baru ). The second stall is smaller than the first one. So if you want to have a cozy seats for nongkrong, then the first stall is the best option.All of the stalls are open space, so you could see other Pasar Atum visitors while enjoying your snacks. Keep in mind though, Kartika doesn’t sell heavy meal. They just sell traditional Indonesian snacks like Lumpia, Ote-ote, Kucur, and others with a delicious taste (in my opinion). So yes, let’s review 3 of my favorite snacks & drink here!Lumpia Goreng - IDR 12,000Just who on earth doesn’t love Lumpia Goreng? It’s a deep fried lumpia skin (the one that you use to make siomay) with some fillings inside. Usually it consists of Rebung, beansprout, and some vegetables. In Kartika, you could taste meat inside.Lumpia Basah - IDR 12,000It’s the opposite from Lumpia Goreng, this one is boiled, but with the same fillings.SinomThe best Indonesian traditional beverages in my version is Sinom! Drink it when still cold, and you’ll get refreshed by the taste.AmbianceSince this is a traditional food stall, I really love the design because it’s super traditional. They also use a traditional “Baki” to take your order.ServiceI don’t know, because Kartika is always full of people, the waiter almost never smile to the guests. They move and speak like a robot, answering the questions like a machine. Sadly but yes, that’s the tipical service you’ll get here in Surabaya if the place already famous.Stay awake for another food journey!--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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