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Libreria is located right next to Uranus Bookshop, so after shopping, you can chill in this cafe while reading your books. Judging from their name, Libreria is something we can relate to library and of course, books. Yeah, they provide shelves with books for you to read while enjoying your food.The place isn't too big, they probably just occupy 1/4 of the building. The first floor (where the counter is located also) was quite crampy. Wanted to sit on second floor, but my friend complained coz she's wearing heels haha. Free wi-fi is available and you're required to place your order at the counter. Oh ya, I noticed they also supply the cake from La Reia!Ice Thai Tea - IDR 22,000My first sip didn't turn out to be pleasant. The milk was overwhelming. Should have ordered caffeinated drink instead.Grilled Chicken Salad - IDR 29,0003 kinds of lettuce, fresh onions, tomato, grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, house dressingDidn't try this, but my friend praised the grilled chicken quite many times.Baby Potato Sausage - IDR 36,000beef sausage, herbed baby potatoes, honey mustard sauceI totally forget it consisted of honey mustard sauce, so I thought that white white stuff was mashed potato lol. I really love the aroma of garlic. The beef was quite big and juicy, no complain. The baby potatoes were drenched with herbs, it really lifted up the taste. Nomnom...Overall, Libreria provides decent food and drink at affordable prices. Like their slogan, they truly offer good food, good book and good music.For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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