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Located on the fifth floor of Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, Marina have been really famous for their delicious & unresistable seafood. The location is somehow “hidden” behind the walls on 5th floor, so if you walk, then you need to turn around or just turn left to spot this restaurant.It’s been a long time since my family ate here, that’s why we choose Marina as our lunch that afternoon. I also really want to eat seafood and still have much time before I split with my family and spend time with my friends.Gurami Bakar Rica - IDR 75,600The price is based on how many ounce your Gurami is. That’s why, it may varies depends on your Gurami. Taste good, I could feel the Rica-rica taste. If you like spicy food, then this one might be your best option.Cumi Telur Bakar Matang - IDR 69,000This is my first time to eat squid together with their eggs. It’s really savoury, I love how they grill the squid, its still taste buttery and a bit sticky. Finger licking good! I could say that this is one of my favourite menu here in Marina.Kangkung Terasi - IDR 46,000I can tell is well cooked because the texture is still crunchy. That’s why my family loves it. I think Kangkung is always a perfect choice to eat with anything, especially seafood and fried chicken.Each of the guests will get “Sambal Dabu-dabu” to enjoy with your seafood. If you feel it’s not enough, feel free to ask for the refills, hahaha!ServiceThe waiter is a bit inpatient, she looks ike in a rush and doesn’t really respond our questions or order. Plus, we need to wait a bit long for the Gurami Bakar Rica, when everything else are already on our table. However, i’m still okay with the service, plus their seafood is truly nice!AmbianceIt’s an open family restaurant, where you could enjoy your time with family and eat seafood – in a harsh way (penuh dengan nafsu) ! I don’t know why, the lighting is kind of dark, and it’s better to have more lights around.--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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