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Bubur 3 Rasa Enoku Goreng Tepung Lumpia Seafood Roast Duck Porridge Sapi Saus XO Seafood Fried Rice
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Level3 2015-08-31
98 Lihat
If I go to Tunjungan Plaza with my parents, most likely we’ll eat Ta Wan, because it’s one of my family favorite restaurant here. But, I bet everybody also loves Ta Wan. As the name implies, it’s specializing on Chinese food cuisine, but a HALAL one, means NO Pork.If you want to eat here during lunch or dinner hour, then you need to be patient for a while, because the queue is kinda of long! So you need to get here just moments before dinner and lunchtime, to get a sit. My favorite is outside, because I could watch people pass by.Bubur Ayam - IDR 22,000It’s always been my family favorite menu in Ta Wan. With a large portion of porridge, the portion is really big. You could share this one with 4 - 6 person. Even more, depending on your food portion.To add the richness of the flavour, don’t forget to ask for ‘Kecap asin & cabe potong’ to the waiter. Super yum!S.O. Kakap Asam Manis - IDR 41,000This one is my father’s favourite. With a tender snapper fish, combine with the freshness of the asam manis sauce, you could happily eat this dish with a warm bowl of rice.Ikan Dory Telur Asin - IDR 45,500I think everything with salted egg will taste awesome, including this Dorry Fish. The fish is tender and well cook, I can taste the cripy-ness of the skin, and the salted egg is really great!Well, beware of the cholesterol though, hahaha!ServiceThe waiter is attentive and she’s willing to explain the menu for us. We also don’t need to wait too long for our order, which is very nice – especially when you’re starving. They’re also smiling when we left Ta Wan and say thank you to us.AmbianceThis is a true family restaurant, and you’ll find lots of families eat here in Ta Wan. The design also represents Chinese, with all the decoration and also the wall colors. They also prepare types of tables, for example family with 4 persons, 3 persons, 2 persons, until up to 8 persons.--Megan FaustineInstagram & Twitter : @meganfaustineBlog : borntobite.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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