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Level3 2015-03-07
62 Lihat
Went to Top Noodles Express for family dinner. It's not my first time eating here, so I'm quite familiar with their menus which is a range of Singapore-Chinese cuisine. But still, I ended up in confusion coz there are so many options to choose. Iced Tea - IDR 7,900I requested for sweet iced tea, but turned out it wasn't sweet enough, even after I had fully-stirred it. Siomay - IDR 18,900They had a 50% discount promotion on certain menus, and this siomay was one of those menus. IDR 18,900 was before 50% discount, hence it became IDR 9,450. Quite a good deal. The prawn filling was succulent.Cumi Goreng Cabe Garam - IDR 32,900fried squid with salt and chiliDecided to eat rice instead of noodle, their specialty. They gave too little squid, I guess, haha. But I like the squid, it was crisply-fried, their salt and chili seasoning was also tasty.Top Noodles Express is undoubtedly a good option for family dinner. They serve decent and variative range of food.For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com Lanjutkan Membaca
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