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This is BanyuSadewa living in Gubeng. I work in Rungkut. I like to hang out in Jakarta Pusat, Bali Selatan, Surabaya Pusat. Jawa, Multinasional are my favorite cuisines. I also love Roti & Kue, Kafe, Lounge/Bar and Dessert, Pizza & Pasta, Sushi.
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A Stop Before You Fly  Smile  2013-11-19
What will you do if you got a 2 hours delay and got hungry? sad And where you go when you got a 4 hours transit and your stomach and empty? sad Or where you gonna eat when you forget to have your breakfast or lunch before got a 3 h...

And now here I am for another review for every Food-Lover over the town! tongue This week I have an invitation to take a bite and sip to the restaurant who served what they so-called in Indonesia is "Makanan Peranakan". "Peran...

Last week, I have an invitation to De Boliva Restaurant to try their food. I have came here for like thousand times. Actually it's one of my favorite place to eat and hanging out with my friend. I love the place because they have a w...
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