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This is d_golem living in Kelapa Gading. I work in Slipi. I like to hang out in Kelapa Gading. Makassar, Jepang, Itali, Anything that's wholesome, healthy, and tingly my tonguey are my favorite cuisines. I also love , If I can sit there for more than 30 mins without frowning, thumbs up!, Anything that pleases my senses.
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45% Sandgroper, 50% Ivory Coconut, 5% Mangkasara. Confused? Me too!
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Not Quite Molto Bene  OK  2011-11-19
Mi Piace Il Cucina Italiano! I love Italian food! I love the atmosphere of a good, homely Italian ristorante, complete with wood-fired oven and Italian waiters/waitresses. Having lived in OZ is a plus, as I've probably been...

Best. PisGor. Ever.  Smile  2011-11-13
When I first left Jakarta for Perth back in 1997, there weren't a lot of establishments like Warung Kopi, or something like Alun2 Indonesia for that matter. It is very heartening to see that now many places are emerging that trie...

Sushi For All Seasons  Smile  2011-11-12
It felt a bit weird writing the title for this review as Jakarta only has two seasons where in "the land of the hopping macropod" where I was living there are four and with lovely clear demarcations between them. Each one brings their...
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